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112CO2 – Low temperature catalytic methane decomposition

112CO2, a European Project (GA No. 952219), is the beginning of a new scientific and technological adventure towards the fast energy decarbonisation at competitive prices and beyond, providing an effective pathway for the production of carbon dioxide-free hydrogen

112CO2, an acronym for “Emergency CO2, proposes a socially acceptable, sustainable and easy-to-implement technology, which can be used for quickly stopping the destructive consequences of excessive CO2 emissions, the low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for bright hydrogen production. The aim of this project is to develop a disruptive chemical reactor and catalyst that uses methane, an easily transportable and storable fuel, either natural gas/biomethane, for producing CO2-free / CO2-negative hydrogen and solid carbon in a cost-effective way. This approach can be quickly implemented taking advantage of the current infrastructure for methane and biomethane production and distribution. The innovative technology displays an extremely high energy density making it suitable for stationary and mobile applications.

112CO2, which has started in September 2020, will run for 42 months. It gathers some of the finest EU research laboratories and companies, including University of Porto (Portugal), Spanish National Research Council (Spain), German Aerospace Center (Germany), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (Switzerland), Pixel Voltaic Lda. (Portugal), Paul Wurth SA (Luxembourg), and Quantis (Switzerland). The project coordinator is Adélio Mendes, Full Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and Senior Researcher at the Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy (LEPABE), coordinating the Research group for Processes, Products and Energy.

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