AG: Health Analysis

The economic crisis forced healthcare budgets to be reduced throughout Europe, putting pressure on officials trying to tackle major health challenges. With an ever growing population, addressing these challenges has become a key priority. Health and social care is a key policy throughout Europe, and whether it be the UK NHS or European Healthcare, there are still areas that need to be tackled. For example, mental health is a worldwide issue that is of great importance – and falling budgets have caused a lack of support for adults and children with mental health issues. In this AG: Healthcare Analysis document, we highlight mental health and a number of other healthcare challenges that are under scrutiny at present. With expert opinion and debate, this Healthcare Analysis sheds light on how we can create a healthier Europe. The supplement starts with an introduction to the new European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety – Vytenis Andriukaitis, and his key priorities for the year. It discusses how Andriukaitis has held the belief that health policy has a key role to play in economic growth, with a sentiment that “healthy people are more creative and productive.” Another area that we shine the spotlight on is musculoskeletal disorders, and Vern Putz Anderson from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) details the risk factors and prevention of disorders in the workplace. Elsewhere in the supplement we give consideration to the role of technology in healthcare with an article from Paul Rice, Head of Technology Strategy at NHS England. The article highlights how innovative technologies are helping us to lead healthier and more independent lives. AG: Healthcare Analysis also highlights the benefits of care in the home, with an article from Dominic Carter of the United Kingdom Homecare Associations (UKHCA). He details how homecare can be more flexible, and the benefits it offers both carers and patients. Other areas highlighted in this special edition include: mental health; liver cancer; chemistry for drug discovery; and healthcare research. Whether you work in the healthcare sector or not, I hope you find the AG; Healthcare Analysis thought provoking and useful. As always I welcome any comments and feedback you may have.


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