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The Agile Business Consortium

At the Agile Business Consortium we are continuing to establish ourselves as the ‘go to’ people for any business, government organisation or charity interested in Agile Business Change.

As a not-for-profit company, our philanthropic goal is simple – to help organisations become more successful by becoming more Agile.

The Agile Business Change Framework encapsulates a light-touch, Agile approach to business change. It takes a customer focused, iterative and collaborative approach to delivering business value way beyond its proven success in IT right into the heart of business.

The framework scales from the evolution of customer-centric products and services by small Agile teams through projects (AgilePM®), programmes (AgilePgM®) and portfolios all the way up to setting and maintaining a customer-focused Agile strategy for the whole business.

Training and certification in AgilePM, AgilePgM and AgileBA® is offered by organisations accredited by both the Agile Business Consortium and APMG International

The Agile Business Consortium – Supporting your Agile Business Change initiatives – www.agilebusiness.org

Agile Business

What is Agile Business?

An Agile business is an organisation that can respond quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats found in its internal and external environments (be they commercial, legal, technological, social, moral or political).

The key to Business Agility is the inspirational leadership of collaboratively autonomous teams, committed to delighting their customers.  Coupled with iterative development and incremental delivery of customer-centric products and services, and evolving hand-in-hand with supporting technology, this provides the essential core of cultural fitness that will allow a business to not only survive but to thrive in today’s increasingly dynamic and demanding world.

Agile Business


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