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AMOSA – Asset Management Optimised Systems Architecture

AMOSA’s mission is to ensure an appropriate interpretation of asset management for your specific organisation, using the right information systems for you

AMOSA is raised by a group senior business professionals, who understand that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. With our experience we can focus on the areas that need the most attention and sharing best practices and lessons learned with our customers

Asset Management is a well-known term and we believe it to be pivotal for the success of organisations. With the arrival of the ISO 55000 standard, Asset Management has become more tangible. Unfortunately, how this standard is interpreted varies a lot, resulting in varying levels of success.

Ensuring an appropriate interpretation of this standard for your specific organisation, is Amosa’s goal. This requires having the right information systems and those rightly implemented and being used. That is the second task we have given ourselves.) With a team of many who have 25 years or more experience in this field, we believe we have something to offer. Not only in the area of Asset Management, but also in the areas of Lean, OEE and business optimisation. All geared around getting your people involved and committed on this journey.

Although a bit of a cliché, Information Technology still plays an ever-increasing role in managing businesses.Today, linking systems to processes and processes to predictive models is an ongoing next step.Ultimately this must lead to better results for organisations. Either from a financial point of view, or in product quality, trustworthinessand in many other areas, like the footprint of an organisation. At the heart of all of this is ‘data’. Data to be managed and interpreted to help define what the ‘best next action’ should be. Although commonly accepted, it seems a challenge to define this next step. And not straight forward to reap the benefits of the opportunity that technology poses to businesses.

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