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The value of adult relationships in preventing youth suicide attempts 

Associate Professor, Lynne Fullerton, PhD, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, examines the results of a recent study exploring the link between positive adult relationships and the impact on youth suicide attempt resilience.
Stone tablet inscribed with Cuneiform script

Optical character recognition for ancient non-alphabetic scripts

Shai Gordin, Senior Lecturer at Digital Pasts Lab in Ariel University, looks at the deciphering of ancient non-alphabetic scripts, and the technology we use to understand it.

Exceptional moments of micro-strengths

Micro strengths: How can we understand and target exceptional moments in relationships, and how can they be drawn on within relationships as a basis for positive change?

Furthering elementary English education in Japan

Developing task design and evaluation to foster students’ competence and autonomy in elementary English education in Japan: Focusing on Can-Do and Performance Assessments.

Reassessing our knowledge about mental health and LGBTQ+ practice

Dr. Shanéa Thomas, a training Specialist and Assistant Clinical Professor, argues that trainers are the key to inclusivity regarding mental health and LGBTQ+ practice.

Who am i? Multicultural identities in the Roman Empire

Prof Dr Felix K Maier, Professor for Ancient History at University of Zurich, explores multicultural identities in the Roman Empire.
children learning in a classroom

Is the reading crisis associated with an academic language crisis?

Educators across the globe are trying to solve the reading crisis. Efforts to improve 4th-grade reading scores seem to intensify every year, but improvements are rarely observed. Could it be that efforts need to target academic language?

Can mindfulness training in primary schools promote mental wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa?

There is growing evidence that whole-school mindfulness training delivered as an integral element of the curriculum promotes children’s mental wellbeing and improves educational outcomes (Phan et al., 2022).
oral storytelling, a mother reading to a young child, Academic language

Oral storytelling is important for reading, writing and social wellbeing

If there was one skill that could positively impact many other areas such as reading, writing, and social development, wouldn’t you want to teach it? Could oral storytelling be the key?

Practising intellectual humility without compromising strongly held convictions

In the second part of the discussion of bridging the cultural divide in social discourse, Peter C. Hill at Biola University looks at intellectual humility with consideration to one’s convictions.

Humanitarian negotiations, diplomacy and the ethics of border control

Antonio De Lauri, Research Professor at Chr. Michelsen Institute, discusses the purpose of humanitarian negotiations, diplomacy and the ethics of border control.

Developmental research for social foster care and parental support

Professor Keiji Noguhci at Fukuyama City University, in the Faculty of Education, presents a practical model for social foster care in Japan.

Bridging the cultural divide in social discourse: The role of intellectual humility

Peter C. Hill, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Office of Academic Research and Grants, Biola University, sheds light on the role of intellectual humility when it comes to bridging the cultural divide.

Coevolving informatics and shifting gender dynamics in Norwegian politics

As the gender balance in Norwegian politics experiences shifting gender dynamics, coevolving informatics draws attention to how male dominance has been curtailed by the expanding circulation of knowledge via educational institutions and publications.
child exploring nature

Equal-Life team: Improving child exposome and quality of life

Four PhD students from the Equal-Life team discuss their areas of research into the child exposome, looking at the environment children are raised in and the effects it has on mental health and cognitive development.
teacher shortages, picture of a teacher in a high school classroom, student asking questions

Where have we gone wrong in our battle against teacher shortages?

Beng Huat See from the Durham Evidence Centre for Education, Durham University, looks at the chronic issue of teachers shortages and how to fix it.

How can Daoism benefit Western education?

Open Access Government speaks to Dr Tom Culham on the benefits of incorporating Daoism in Western education.

Integration & Acculturation: Different identities in the multicultural Roman Empire

Dr Felix K Maier, Professor for Ancient History at University of Zurich, analyzes intercultural dynamics in the Roman Empire.

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