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Construction of aggregation-induced emission monolayer at the air/water interface

Kohei Iritani, Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology explores the construction of aggregation-induced emission monolayer at the air/water interface.
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High-frequency trading through artificial intelligence for financial innovation

Professor Chien-Feng Huang, at the National University of Kaohsiung in Taiwan delves into high-frequency trading across Artificial Intelligence.

Robot evolution: Artificial intelligence by artificial evolution

The long-term vision of robot evolution foresees a radically new robotic technology where robots can reproduce, evolve, and learn.
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The journey to digitalization with the digital twin concept

Claus H. Ibsen, PhD, the Group R&D Director at Vestas aircoil A/S discusses the digital twin concept from their completed Horizon 2020 project InDEStruct.
extended reality

Artificial Intelligence test agents for automated testing of Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term for advanced interactive systems such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and systems with advanced 3D User Interfaces.
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Corrosion protection for sustainability – watching paint dry

Stuart Lyon, AkzoNobel Professor of Corrosion Control, explores how corrosion remains a significant cost to industrialised economies and the importance of corrosion protection.
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You Don’t Get Me: Public Responses to Mood and Behaviour Monitoring Wearable Technology

A diverse group of researchers opted for a unique, unorthodox approach to gathering opinions on mental health, relationships and wearable technology that can monitor mood, behaviour and relationships.
girls who code

Girls Who Code: Encouraging Girls towards STEM Careers

Girls Who Code – While enrolment in computing science and engineering degrees has largely evened out among men and women, the professional participation of women in the technology sphere continues to lag behind.

With digital transformation, food industries stay competitive

Daniel de la Puente, Responsible for EU projects at CTIC CITA, states the case for digital transformation for food industries to stay competitive

A Bluetooth tracking device to aid the search for older people with dementia who...

Getting lost can affect caregivers and families of older people with dementia – now, a Bluetooth tracking device can assist the search for their...

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