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Virus cells or bacterias under microscope lens

Slight changes can improve much for algorithms looking at gene expressions

Y-h. Taguchi, a Professor at Chuo University, looks at the slight changes made to algorithms when looking at the COVID-19 virus and gene expressions.
type 1 diabetes, insulin

Identifying adult-onset type 1 diabetes

Liping Yu, at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, highlights how we can recognise and diagnose adult-onset type 1 diabetes.
Abstract glowing blurry blue DNA texture. 3D Rendering

Mendel, Darwin, and Lysenko: the battle toward understanding genetics

August 1948 saw the Soviet government ban all teaching and research in genetics. Within a year, “the doctrine of agronomist Trofim Lysenko – dubbed ‘Soviet Creative Darwinism’ – replaced genetics in curricula and research plans of biological, medical, veterinary, and agricultural institutions.” (Krementsov 2010).
chromosome cells

Satellite DNA arrays barcode chromosomes to regulate genes

In this piece, Dr Helen Rowe summarizes how arrays or strings of multi-copy satellite DNAs can barcode chromosomes to regulate cell fate, by acting...
Long structure of the DNA double helix in depth of view.

What are the possibilities of DNA and RNA sequences?

Serge L. Beaucage, Supervisory Research Chemist at the Food and Drug Administration discusses his work with DNA and RNA sequences and the groundbreaking impact this technique could have.

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