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Virus cells or bacterias under microscope lens

Slight changes can improve much for algorithms looking at gene expressions

Y-h. Taguchi, a Professor at Chuo University, looks at the slight changes made to algorithms when looking at the COVID-19 virus and gene expressions.
Stone tablet inscribed with Cuneiform script

Optical character recognition for ancient non-alphabetic scripts

Shai Gordin, Senior Lecturer at Digital Pasts Lab in Ariel University, looks at the deciphering of ancient non-alphabetic scripts, and the technology we use to understand it.
A bio technological scan of muscles and arteries in the human body in blue. Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Exchangeable Liquid Crystal Elastomers: the way towards soft reversible actuators

Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCE) have been invented over 30 years ago, and ever since were considered a highly promising material system for soft actuators and artificial muscles.

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