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Biolife – A Life Science Digital Ecosystem

The BioLife digital ecosystem integrates the world’s major life science resources to underpin lifetime patient care and ensure global liquidity for the bioscience industry

BioLife digitizes assets and handles private records for patients, investors and owners of global biomedical resources.

A consortium chain based on ACChain, BioLife’s on-chain channel supports global bioscience asset owners in a dynamic digital supply chain. Patients can create a personal Electronic Health Record and gain access to high-end products and service suppliers.

The BioLife digital ecosystem integrates the world’s major life science resources to underpin lifetime patient care and ensure global liquidity for the bioscience industry.


Biomedical treatment centres, health agents and equipment suppliers enter token data and real-time data of assets to build secure, immutable, tamper-proof Credit Ledgers on the BioLife chain.

These assets become available in the BioLife Mall through triggered smart contracts. A private, personal electronic health record (EHR) is created for patients as various biomedical health resources are accessed.

Containing a patient’s ongoing health status information, this Health Ledger is shareable with selected providers peer-to-peer only after private keys are triggered.

Assets Circulation

Biomedical assets and services made digital on the BioLife chain are circulated through the BioLife Service Platform. Smart contracts provide owners of bioscience resources with digital rights.

Circulation occurs in a blockchain service channel which is traceable, secure, convenient and confidential. Complete coverage for bioscience health care resources is provided and people everywhere can access meaningful health services.

Part of ACChain’s global circulation ecosystem, assets circulate through a decentralised trading system. By investing in BIOT, the internal fuel token of BioLife, participants can receive a corresponding investment return.

BioLife Chain

Service Platform

The BioLife Service Platform uses blockchain technology to record the entire process of the biomedical services supply chain, treatment processes and results.

Top health services resources and the newest R&D achievements from all geographies as well as rare, high-end biomedical resources will be accessible at all times.

Digital assets held by inhabitants of the BioLife digital ecosystem can be liquidated through a global secondary market and withdrawn through supernodes by way of legal tender or other digital assets.

Community Members

Three member types occupy the BioLife community: clients (patients and their families), providers (health services practitioners, biomedical researchers, health service institutions, government agencies and non-profits), and developers (programmers and software engineers.

Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group Ltd, the company that created precise treatments and customised therapies for 33 common chronic illnesses and has over 1,000 bioscience patents covering anti-ageing to major illness precaution.

The first resource provider to join BioLife, Serolab® will digitise 80 types of biomedical resource that will be available at launch.

Global Data

BioLife’s adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as its technology backbone will introduce many benefits to all areas of the life science health services industry that are impacted by global bioscience data.

These include heightened security, resistance to tampering, the protection of personal identity information and other elements of privacy, including protection against data scrapes.

BioLife will establish a shared data platform among researchers and record biomedical scientific research results to ensure clarity of ownership, reduce R&D duplication and encourage fruitful results.

It’s time to reduce the costs of intricate care for Your Body, Your Health and Your Life.