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C20/20 Innovation Hub – Facilitating Ophthalmic Technologies

The C20/20 Innovation Hub is your partner research organisation, facilitating the successful development and commercialisation of ophthalmic technologies

The C20/20 Innovation Hub at McMaster University specialises in the development and commercialisation of biomaterials for drug delivery with expertise in the mitigation of ocular disorders.

Our interdisciplinary team takes a global view of the translational pipeline, with expertise ranging from early stage chemistry through to pre-clinical validation. Our facilities are located at a world-class institution allowing us to provide tailored solutions maximising your value.

Why Work with C20/20?

We partner with your private sector or academic team to work closely and customise solutions. Our expertise ranges from early stage chemistry, synthesis and material design to in vitro drug delivery, assays and characterisation through to non-GLP pre-clinical validation.

C20/20 is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment enabling us to meet your project needs. Plus, our team offers support services including grant writing, project management and business development services.

About C20/20 Innovation Hub

Located within McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a world-class institution, we strive for scientific excellence, coupling our highly-trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment. This includes in vitro and in vivo services, with in-house contact lens, histology and bioanalytical capabilities for ocular and other disease projects.

Our expert personnel work closely with private sector partners and internal collaborators, providing strategic guidance and testing services to deliver excellent science and valuable insights as an extension of your team. We are able to respond to your unique challenge with a tailored solution, maximising your value as you move confidently from bench toward the bedside. Our fast and flexible study arrangements allow for project-by-project collaborations, with customised milestones, timelines and intellectual property terms for companies of all sizes. We are able to support your early research and all stages of pre-clinical development, significantly accelerating the development pathway for numerous clients.

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