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Canna CBD – The Home of UK’s Best CBD Products

Canna CBD is the home of the best CBD products, CBD Oil products and CBD Paste in the UK supplying most of the world, tested to the highest standards

Canna CBD was formed in 2017, becoming one of the largest extractors, wholesalers and providers of CBD products across the UK.

Canna CBD prides itself on curating the finest collection of cannabis products available on the market, and with a strong head for R&D Canna CBD seeks to continually develop new and exciting prospective applications for what has been heralded as natures miracle.

What makes Canna CBD different?


Canna CBD is not just focused on products, but also nurturing the CBD and Cannabis Industry as a whole. Canna CBD continues to build a network of professionals, affiliate agents and producers across the globe, making the industry a smaller and friendlier place, whilst nurturing and developing start-up businesses within the budding industry. Canna CBD has continued to grow into becoming one of the cornerstones of the cannabis industry, by tying together an array of talent and skill into one thriving business.

Canna CBD offers uncompromising quality within the cannabis space, utilising the most modern forms of CO2 super critical, Ethanol and Water extraction. With our main production facility along with offices and distribution in Essex, UK, Canna CBD offers a wide European reach within the Cannabis space.

Canna CBD specialises in extracting from biomass, however we also have a strong route to market and brand development team, allowing us to realise the potential of your brands. With a comprehensive white label programme, Canna CBD is able to create the cannabis products your customers deserve in the way your business demands.

Within the industry, Canna CBD is known as one of the leaders within the UK CBD industry, doing what others have never attempted is something we pride ourselves upon.

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