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EUFAR promotes airborne research

EUFAR supports and develops airborne research projects to boost earth system understanding and weather prediction innovation in Europe

Using rainfall to understand climate change

The School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University explains how data from rainfall can be used to help adapt to climate change

Innovine project: adapting vineyards to climate change

How can The Innovine Project help vineyard growers throughout the EU develop better quality vines in a world where climate change is a key challenge?
Ingenuity Lab tackling climate change

Embrace the possible: Tackling climate change with technology

Earth’s climate is changing, but this has been happening since its creation; to deal with anthropogenic climate change we need to embrace technology
climate adaptation information

Adapting to climate change & variability: Developing decision-relevant information

GERICS are helping to assess the impact of climate change in Germany in order to develop national and regional level climate adaptation and mitigation
Norwegian Arctic ebook Norwegian Polar Institute

The Norwegian Arctic: A rapidly changing climate

The Arctic is warming more rapidly than any other region on the planet. The northern Barents Region is a Norwegian Arctic hotspot that has changed 2-4 times faster than other parts of the Arctic during the last three decades.

Settlement Archaeology Research in Egypt & Sudan

Ancient settlements and urban sites offer the keys to more direct understanding of cultures, but they are very challenging in exploration. The ERC Across-Borders project accepts this challenge and focuses on settlement patterns in Egypt and Sudan in the 2nd Millennium BC.
Climate Mathematics

Climate Mathematics

Predicting the future with climate mathematics Carrying out experiments on the entire climate system is unfeasible. This is because of the simple fact that we have only one Earth and it is in use.
reusing glycol recyctec ebook cover

Reusing glycol: A more eco-friendly alternative

We have developed a globally unique purification method whereby we purify and concentrate used glycol so that it can be reused. In this manner, we will save the Earth’s resources, since glycol is extracted from crude oil and is a non-renewable resource.

National Soil Dynamics Laboratory

Agriculture’s role in environmental issues are both large and complex, often contributing to both problems and solutions to the global environment. For example, agricultural practices have the potential to increase soil C storage which can positively influence soil quality and help mitigate the rise in atmospheric CO2.


How to move away from linear production and consumption to a circular economy – to an economic model where there is virtually no waste but more secondary raw materials that can be re-injected in a European Circular Economy.
Graz Biobank

Biobank Graz

Today, Biobank Graz is the largest academic biobank in Europe providing logistics and infrastructure and offering optimal support for research teams in collecting, processing, storing and providing human biological samples and associated data.

Alterra Wageningen

Being the global hotspot for agricultural world trade, the Metropoolregio Rotterdam – Den Haag (MRDH) holds extremely high stakes in food logistics, safety and quality. At the same time it is a place where local, regional and global agro-food processes have a great potential for generating synergy.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Forests are important as reservoirs of biodiversity, and as wildlife habitats. In addition, they represent substantial economic value, and provide societal health and recreational benefits. They also, mitigate climate change by storing carbon dioxide.

Core Connections Ltd

As the proportion of the world’s population living in urban environments increases and those in rural ones decrease, the design of places to help us keep nature in sight becomes more vital.

The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology & Nutrition

Studies related to animal nutrition encompasses the metabolism and utilisation of nutrients and biologically active substances from feeds, the improvement of the health-promoting qualities of poultry, pork, and lamb meat, as well as the symbiotic microorganisms colonising various sections of the digestive tract.

BRConard Consulting Inc

Climate change is one of the world’s toughest challenges. Despite evidence from both sides to debate the magnitude of the problem, the evidence overwhelmingly supports that climate change is real and accelerating. In order to tackle the problem, experts believe that change is needed – within society.


Those within the housing industry will be familiar with the near bankruptcy of the Cosmopolitan Housing Group back in 2012. In light of the report, it was recommended that ‘boards should have the right people with the skills and experience to govern well, that the risk the organisation faces...

Swiss Geological Survey Swisstopo

Eighty percent of political decisions are related to special data, which is information of any kind related to geographical coordinates. In most cases, spatial data is understood as 2D data describing the surface.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc

Helsinki shipyard is the centre of excellence in designing and building complex arctic vessels. Icebreakers have been built in Helsinki for over 100 years, and Helsinki Shipyard has delivered about 60% of the icebreakers in operation around the world.

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