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blockchain supplement

Blockchain Innovation

Open Access Government explores industry innovation in this special blockchain supplement featuring contributors at the forefront of the technology
ACXIS Project

EMPA – ACXIS Project

The project ACXIS brings together the expertise in X-ray cargo inspection of leading research centres in Germany, France and Switzerland, the major European supplier for cargo inspection systems, a research and development organisation focusing on training of X-ray inspection officers, and Customs administrations of the Netherlands and Switzerland.


Understanding that access to personal data implies heavy responsibilities the date driven marketing industry is centred on the customer, and depends on the trust that the customer puts in his relationship with the marketer. The European data driven Marketing industry has been proactive in fostering ethical data management, as well...

Complete Networks Ltd

With the advent of low cost, high speed, Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, many organisations are realising the cost benefits and service improvements from integrating services across multiple sites. However, anyone who has implemented SITE to SITE private WAN will know that WAN’s are not as resilient as Local...
OKI Systems

OKI Systems (UK) Ltd

When there are so many other demands on budget, it’s understandable that growing businesses remain reluctant to make large capital investments in new printing solutions. Instead they tend to purchase cheaper devices that are inefficient and not right for the task. However, there is an alternative.

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ICT eBooks

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