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next-generation sequencing

How can next-generation sequencing create treatments for diseases?

In this ebook, we interview Dr Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute at Harvard, about his work with next-generation sequencing (NGS).
Climate Outlook

GERICS Climate Outlook at county level

Diana Rechid, Sebastian Bathiany and Susanne Pfeifer, assess the future climatic changes in Germany at county level, in the GERICS Climate Outlook report.
sustainable food industry

Together we create a sustainable supply of skills for a sustainable food industry

Here, the Swedish Surplus Energy Collection (SSE-C) reflects on one of the most crucial issues facing humanity today - a sustainable food industry.
treatments for epilepsy, neurostimulation

Contemporary treatments for epilepsy

Dr Arun Swaminathan, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska, explores the contemporary power of neurostimulation in treating epilepsy.
October 2021 Asia Analysis

October 2021 Asia Analysis

In this Asia Analysis edition, we hear from UEYAMA Takahiro, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, who details Japan’s 6th Science, Technology and Innovation Basic Plan: Society 5.0 in Pursuit of Peoples’ Well-being Based on Trust and Sharing.
treat type 2 diabetes, cbd oil

Can cannabidiol treat Type 2 diabetes?

Delve into the story of Kevin Simpson, who used Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat Type 2 Diabetes.
North America analysis

October 2021 North America Analysis

A very warm welcome to the Winter volume of North America Analysis: In our health & social care section, Dr Eduardo Bianco, Chair of the Tobacco Expert Group at the World Heart Federation discusses the ongoing battle to end the tobacco epidemic and how e-cigarettes may be part of the problem.
immunotherapy brain tumors

Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors

Here, Dr Sean Lawler investigates if immunotherapy can be used to treat brain cancers - with expert analysis on the role of T cells.
Allergen Database, allergies

Allergen Databases for Food Safety of GMOs and Novel Foods

Rick Goodman, Food Allergy Research and Resource Programme at the University of Nebraska, discusses allergen databases in GMOs and Novel Foods.
creatine transporter deficiency

Genetic Disease Treatment Research: Creatine Transporter Deficiency

Here, Professor Olivier Braissant explains the challenges of treating genetic diseases - with a specific look at creatine transporter deficiency.
cats and dogs

Toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs

Here, Pamela J. Lein, UC Davis, explains how crucial it is to be aware of toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs.
Coevolving informatics

Coevolving informatics, AI and brain-computer interfacing

Associate Professor Chris Girard at Florida International University explains how coevolving informatics intersect with AI and human-computer interfacing.
electric vehicles, fit for 55

Increasing electric car battery safety using calorimeters

Here, Dr Carlos Ziebert, head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how the safety of batteries in electric vehicles links to the EU’s new ‘Fit for 55’ policy push.
WILD Foundation

Human-elephant co-existence: managing conflicts

Dr Susan Canney, Director of the Mali Elephant Project, WILD Foundation & International Conservation Fund Canada, explores human-elephant coexistence and the management of conflict.
air pollution exposure, african american communities

Disproportionate air pollution exposure in African-American communities

Dr Elica A Moss, at Alabama A&M University, explains the ongoing issue of disproportionate air pollution exposure in African-American communities in the US.
youth mental health, joypop app

A resilience intervention for youth mental health

Here, Andrea Boles at Algonquin College, and Dr Christine Wekerle at McMaster University explore the need for an evidence-based application on the resilience and positive-emotionality of youth.
July 2021 Asia

July 2021 Asia Analysis

Welcome to the July 2021 edition of Asia Analysis. In this edition, we hear from Minghui Zhang, Head of Section and Benoit Nguyen, Head of Department at DNV, who describe Asia’s renewable energy future, in India, Thailand, Malaysia and many other countries.
potato late blight, INRAE

Will potato late blight ever go away?

Here, Andrivon Didier, Research Director at INRAE, France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, discusses the existential threat of potato late blight.
arctic science, INAR

Arena for the gap analysis of the existing arctic science co-operations (AASCO)

Here, The Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) discuss the Arena for the gap analysis of the existing arctic science co-operations (AASCO).
digital transformation, Information Capture

Information Capture

Here, Fujitsu explain how to begin the first steps toward successful digital transformation.

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