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climate change in Finland

The priorities for energy and climate change in Finland and beyond

In this special interview, Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing speaks to Open Access Government about his government’s priorities for energy efficiency and climate change in Finland and beyond
illegal gas fitters

Liverpool Council to tackle illegal gas fitters who are putting lives at risk from...

Liverpool City Council has agreed a ground-breaking initiative to provide life-saving technology that will tackle the dangers of illegal gas fitters and keep tenants safe
energy technologies

Energy technologies and manufacturing: America at the forefront of innovation

When it comes to energy technologies and manufacturing, America aims to be at the forefront of innovation, as Open Access Government finds out.
green hydrogen

Norway aims for 1000 hydrogen trucks by 2023

The need for large scale projects to accelerate the transition from fossil to zero emission for heavy duty vehicles is put under the spotlight in this fascinating profile by Vegard Frihammer the visionary leader of Greenstat, a Norwegian company focusing on Green Hydrogen
gas appliance

Gas Safety Week: Recognising the signs of an unsafe gas appliance

A third of UK adults (33%) don’t know the signs of an unsafe gas appliance, according to Gas Safe Register’s research
wind energy sector

Wind energy sector growth: UK & beyond

From wind turbines to wave power, renewables is a buoyant market. However, it’s wind power that has made the most significant impact on how we generate and use energy — and we’re becoming increasingly reliant on it as an energy source
energy sector in Europe

How climate change impacts the energy sector in Europe

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) explores the degree to which climate change impacts the energy sector in Europe

Energy in Europe: A SmartNet to boost the green revolution

The EU-funded SmartNet energy project provides a vision on future ancillary services from distribution grids in Europe, as Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Manager at Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico explains
solar energy

Summer heatwave see’s solar energy output increase

Sun Investment Group Poland predicts that Europe’s solar energy will see increased outputs due to future heatwaves in the summer; 2018 marked a 20% increase in solar energy production during one of the hottest summers on recent records 
clean energy

UK aid to help 11 million people access clean energy in Africa

UK aid is supporting the growth of innovative solar technology companies which are providing clean energy to off-grid households in Africa
Forest structure

Large-scale 3D mapping of forests

Peter Krzystek, Professor for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Munich University of Applied Sciences tells about new investigations into the 3D mapping of forests.
climate change

Ocean and climate change: Time for a new wave of energy

Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries examines ocean and climate change and argues that now is the time for a new wave of energy
renewable energy targets

President Duda signs amendment to help meet EU’s renewable energy targets

Sun Investment Group, which has a 15% share of the Polish solar market, sees presidential amendment to country’s green energy law as positive step towards Poland meeting its solar and other renewable energy targets by 2020
China's shale gas

Challenges keep China’s shale gas at early stage of development

China’s upstream industry is turning to natural gas as a way to reduce air pollution created by the consumption of coal. However, despite the progress made in the shale gas industry, China has been facing challenges to develop efficient shale gas extraction, observes GloablData
heat networks

Heat networks must be regulated, CMA study finds

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced that heat networks in Great Britain must be regulated after publishing the final findings of its 7-month study
rural households

Rural households spend much more of their income on energy bills than others

Rural households across the United States spend a disproportionately high share of their income on energy bills — about 40% more than their metropolitan counterparts, according to a new report r the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) coalition

New report shows data-driven approach needed if renewables are to recover

Solar photovoltaics (PV) and onshore wind are at or near the point where they can supply electricity to the grid without subsidy. But one of the key factors that hinders new developments is uncertainty about the costs and delays involved in gaining access to the UK’s electricity grid
energy bills

Ways to reduce your energy bills

We all want to save money, right? For some it’s to afford those little luxuries in life, while for others it’s a necessity to get by. Worryingly, surveys show that six million Brits fear they’ll never get rid of their debt and a quarter are struggling to make ends meet each month
Energy price cap

Energy price cap law will be in place by winter as legislation passes Parliament

Consumers are one step closer to cheaper energy bills as legislation to cap poor value energy tariffs completed its passage through Parliament yesterday (18 July 2018)

Can biofuels make Europe more sustainable?

Seb Dance MEP asks if biofuels can really make Europe more sustainable

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