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Open Access Government’s Human Resources (HR) and Training category is one that helps provide information on important changes within the workplace.

We cover stories on research to improve workplace staff productivity and employee mental health. Research into stress levels and the fear of ‘burning out’ and how to combat these issues. With expert opinions from companies around the country, you can find articles on workplace benefits and the positives to flexible working hours.

Also available are articles concerning compliance to HR and the problems surrounding gender discrimination and inequality.

coaching relationships, trusting relationship

Coaching relationships: To trust or not to trust?

Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey explore the role of trust in coaching relationships.
Force Majeure

Contractual law: Relying on the Force Majeure

Seamus Clifford at Ellisons Solicitors, explains how the Force Majeure clause in a commercial contract can help to ease some of the pressures which this unprecedented situation is causing, without incurring liability for non-performance.

How can businesses ensure that their workplaces are COVID-secure?

Tautvydas Karitonas, Head of Research and Development at Inivos, provides insight on how businesses can ensure that when their employees return to work, their work environment is COVID-secure.
annual leave

Why annual leave is still essential when working from home

Dr Samantha Evans, Lecturer in Employee Relations & Human Resource Management at Kent Business School, discusses whether the COVID-19 lockdown and increase in remote working has caused a problem of annual leave being untaken.
new employees

How to welcome new employees in a socially distanced way

Helen Astill, MD Cherington HR Ltd, explains how organisations can welcome new employees with social distancing in mind.
remote systems

How are remote systems revolutionising modern businesses?

Change management specialists, Impact, explain how remote systems could be the future of how a lot of us work, detailing the benefits of remote working and how COVID-19 has forced this change to happen.
future of remote working

Work from anywhere: What does the future of remote working look like?

Jon White, MD at InXpress, discusses what the future of remote working will look like post-COVID-19.
sickness and absences

Managing sickness and absences during unprecedented times and beyond

Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker at Selenity, discusses how businesses can manage sickness and absences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
New Order working

The essentials of New Order working

There has been a paradigm shift in the workplace, and here, Bob Hallewell explains how to approach New Order working.
resuming business

How to build a robust plan for resuming business post-lockdown

Hiren Gandhi, a partner at Blaser Mills Law, advises how organisations can prepare for the 'new normal' and build a robust plan for resuming business post-lockdown.
operate a business remotely

Industry leaders share advice on how to operate a business remotely

11 business leaders in the technology industry share their advice on how companies can avoid any potential security disasters while keeping employees happy and productive when operating a business remotely.
productivity levels

COVID-19 threatens to dampen productivity in the public sector

James McErlean, GM, Headspace for Work, Europe, discusses how public sector leaders can support productivity levels during the COVID-19 pandemic while being realistic and sensitive to any challenges employees might be experiencing.

How IM&M suite can help you with the return to work

IM&M showcase their set of suite tools that are available for Landlords/Facilities Manager's and Occupiers to control how their buildings are being used.
reopening the workplace

Reopening the workplace in Italy, Sweden and the United States

In this article, member firms of Ius Laboris, provide guidance on the main employment issues around both operating in the current crisis and reopening the workplace in Italy, Sweden and the United States.
working environment

What will work look like after the pandemic?

IM&M discuss what work will look like after the coronavirus pandemic and what changes need to be made to our working environment.

Is your company neurodiverse – if not, why not?

Dr Nancy Doyle C. Psychol. AFBPsS, psychologist, founder and CEO of Genius Within, states that it is imperative that people take into consideration the neuro-differences of their colleagues when working towards an inclusive and supportive culture.
Protecting key workers

Protecting key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Dan Joyce, General Manager at EMEA SafetyCulture, advises how companies can ensure they're protecting key workers during the Coronavirus crisis.
new ways of working

Adopting new ways of working in the shadow of a pandemic

David Thomson, head of external affairs, Association for Project Management (APM), discusses how firms are adapting in light of unprecedented challenges and explores new ways of working post-pandemic.
lead effectively

How to lead effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic

Claire Dale, tutor and Leadership Programme Director at RADA Business, offers expert advice on how leaders can remain calm and lead effectively in times of crisis, by building upon the techniques used by world-leading actors.
Ramadan covid-19, muslim

Ramadan, COVID-19 and lockdown: How can employers support their Muslim staff?

Tom Heys, Legal Analyst at Lewis Silkin LLP, UK member firm of Ius Laboris, examines issues employers need to be aware of during Ramadan, with COVID-19 and lockdown.

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