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stress management methods

How to improve stress management methods in 2019

Darren Hockley, managing director DeltaNet International, provides some top tips on how to boost your stress management methods.
digital skills

Predictions for the digital skills gap in 2019

New innovations are being developed at lightning speeds to drive faster growth and efficiency for businesses and society but there is a lack of digital skills.
modern slavery

Addressing modern slavery through building supply chain resilience

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI shares his views on addressing modern slavery through building supply chain resilience.
Career Crossroads Day

Career Crossroads Day: brits consider career change

Career Crossroads Day is when most British workers consider ditching their current job, according to new research commissioned by Arden University.
opportunities for disabled people

Technology: unlocking opportunities for disabled people in 2019

Technology has presented us with the power to transform the way we live and work, particularly providing life-changing opportunities for disabled people 
workplace stress

Millennials struggling to manage workplace stress

Workplace happiness comes least to millennials, according to new research, with many young adults taking home the stresses of work.
leading well

Leading Well: Is the way you are working, working?

Alex Elmywood, Commercial Director, Organisational Improvement discusses how the workplace can be improved to help better employee mental health and wellbeing.

2020 workforce will be dominated by millennials

It’s predicted that by 2020 the global workforce would be dominated by millennials (35%) and generation X (35%), with baby boomers only making up 6%
public sector

Procurement professionals gather in Manchester for public sector event

Over 1000 industry professionals from across the region gathered in Manchester to discuss digital, financial, procurement and infrastructure issues within the public sector.
work-related stress

Top reasons for work-related stress in 2018

Thousands of Brits have taken time off work throughout 2018 due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety 
new year

The key to preventing new year staff departures

One4all Rewards survey reveals the secret to avoiding resignations in the new year rush for jobs 
leadership training

Why does leadership training matter?

David Willett, Corporate Director, at The Open University explains why leadership training matters.
workplace wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing predictions for 2019

Kelly Feehan, Service Director, CABA, compiles her thoughts on what the workplace wellbeing trends in 2019 may look like and why employers need to consider them seriously

Empathy and remaining firm: Two sides of the same coin in management

James Larter from RoleplayUK explores how to find the balance between showing empathy and remaining firm as an important management skill.

How self-aware are we in the workplace?

Only 10-15% of people are self-aware in the workplace. Does this apply to you? Maddy Keating, marketing specialist at MHR discusses self-awareness, or our lack of it.
digital transformation

Digital transformation helps central and local government make resilience a reality

Sungard Availability Services Ltd explores the pressure central government departments and local authorities are under to achieve more with less and how digital transformation...
mental health training

Independent study reveals positive impact of mental health training

New research commissioned by IOSH, has shown that Mental Health First Aid training has significantly raised awareness about mental health in the workplace
disabled staff

Minister calls on businesses to reveal how many disabled staff they employ

Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work Sarah Newton has urged large employers to build more inclusive workforces and report how many disabled staff they employ
employee retention

5 tech-centric ways to boost employee retention

Patrick Foster provides us with 5 tech-centric ways to boost employee retention in a time where businesses compete to hire the top members of staff
SME owners

Third of SME owners are working 50+ hours a week

According to a recent survey by Airtasker, it's been revealed over a third of SME owners admit they are working more than 50 hours a week

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