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UK technology sector still attracts high-skilled global migrants

Latest research from Indeed suggests that Brexit has hardly affected the tech sector's ability in attracting highly-skilled professionals from abroad.
digital transformation

Digital transformation: Government vs Healthcare

Digital transformation is evolving our world as we know it. With many sectors including Government and Healthcare using the digital revolution as a means to move forward with the times and improve the way they operate on a daily basis, here at Open Access Government we compare the two to see who is taking the lead
human potential

Digitalisation: The key to maximising human potential

Ildar Uysumbayev, Head of the Department of Public Services of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan argues that digitalisation is the key to maximising human potential as we journey towards 2050
two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication and why it matters for public sector organisations

Paul Parker, chief technologist, federal and national government, SolarWinds looks into the importance of two-factor authentication for the public sector as digital crime increases

Businesses future proof cybersecurity ahead of regulation deadline

Government will highlight 'operators of essential services' to comply with new requirements set out in the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS).
The Hague

#HackathonForGood attracts tech talent to The Hague

Experts in Artificial Intelligence, big data and cyber security will gather in The Hague to solve world problems to assist leading NGOs.
smart cities

Smart cities. Is it wise to get smarter?

Keiron Shepherd, Senior Security Specialist at F5 Networks, discusses how the threat landscape will change as smart cities become more of a reality and the security considerations we need to make before we begin reaping the benefits of connected devices
cyber warfare

Cyber warfare continues to wage on

Cyber Warfare is a major issue facing the UK and US right now, with frequent reports of attacks and defences to and from outside threats. Alastair Hartrup, CEO of Network Critical, looks at recent battles and what individual businesses can do to defend themselves
data management

Data management technologies lead Chief Data Officers’ priorites for automation and regulatory compliance

Over 80% of CDOs surveyed by WBR Insights are investing in data management and machine learning to automate data tasks
public sector

Challenges faced by the public sector: Shared ambitions lead to shared success

Paul Bradbury, Group Business Development Director, Civica explains how shared ambitions lead to shared success when it comes to the challenges faced by the public sector
AI Industry

Surging AI industry in the UK

A major report by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics places the UK in the third spot in the global rankings for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it foresees it excelling in specific subsectors and areas in the coming years
identity theft

Identity theft a top concern for UK citizens

Leading security barometer from Unisys shows that UK citizens fear identity theft over other security concerns such as national security
technological skills

The technological skills of the global elderly population

The technological skills that elderly people possess are ranged — they have smartphones, know how to Skype and have their own Facebook profiles. But, does it depend on what country you live in as to whether the older locals have a grip on the latest technology?
digital skills

Adults to benefit from digital skills overhaul

Consultation launched by Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Anne Milton to help more adults get the digital skills they need to get on in life and work

Is social media an effective recruitment tool for SMEs?

John Williams, Head of Marketing & Research at Instant Offices, has provided insightful ways on how SMEs can use social media as an effective recruitment tool
public sector

How the public sector can use social media to build trust

In a world of fake-news, and fast-moving political landscapes, it can be easy to understand why people may have started to lose trust in those they’ve elected to serve them. According to Edelman’s annual trust barometer, only 36% of people in Britain say they have trust in the UK Government, but social media could be the solution to this
digital transformation

How independent software vendors can help drive the dream of digital transformation

Andrew Cowling, Channel Marketing Services at Fujitsu Scanners explains how independent software vendors can help drive digital transformation

IP EXPO Europe celebrates huge success in 13th year running

It has been another triumphant year for IP EXPO Europe as it all kicked off with a captivating keynote delivered by astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield who shared his unique experience of space travel and considerations for the next leap of mankind 

Cybersecurity monitoring: A critical concern

Alysson Bessani, LaSIGE – Faculdade de Ciências at Universidade de Lisboa, details the importance and limitation of current cybersecurity systems
world's fastest supercomputer

EU funds project to build world’s fastest supercomputer

EU industry ministers have launched a $1b project to build the world's fastest supercomputer by 2023 in an attempt to catch up with China, the US and Japan

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