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Professional worker removing asbestos roof

Preventable asbestos cancer – mesothelioma

Asbestos in over 300,000 public sector buildings continues to put lives at risk. Recommendations to the government for its removal over the next 40 years have been ignored, says Liz Darlison of Mesothelioma UK and Helen Childs, Partner at RWK Goodman.
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence implementation & cancer research

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis & Eduardo Mascarenhas turn the spotlight on Artificial Intelligence implementation and cancer research.
X-ray image showing cancer on lungs

Revolutionary AI model for cancer diagnosis

Researchers discover AI model for cancer diagnosis that is expected to revolutionise detection.
Nuclear medicine scanning of patient with prostate cancer metastasis in areas of pelvis and spine in different colours

Betamethasone may improve prostate cancer radiation therapy

Common steroid betamethasone could be used to reduce unwanted side effects of radiation treatments for prostate cancer.
skin cancer mortality

A digital focus in the fight against skin cancer mortality

Jon Friis, Founder and CEO at Miiskin, states the case for a digital focus in the fight against skin cancer mortality.
Cancer research in the U.S.

Understanding cancer research in the U.S.

Open Access Government lifts the lid on the priorities of the National Cancer Institute, when it comes to cancer research in the U.S.
colorectal cancer

Western diet rich in red, processed meat linked to colorectal cancer

A Western-style diet rich in red and processed meat, sugar and refined grains and carbohydrates increases risk of colorectal cancer.
diagnosis and treatment, lung cancer

The impact of new minimally invasive lung cancer diagnosis and treatment

Elize Sturkenboom – van de Wetering, Venture Leader of Lung Oncology at Phillips Healthcare, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer through new minimally invasive therapy.
Cancer Early Detection

A new generation of testing for cancer: tools for navigating data in clinical decision...

Utilising early cancer detection: Are we getting the most out of first order tests for symptomatic cancer patients?
beating lung cancer, ai

Beating lung cancer with the AI edge

Prashant Warier, CEO and Founder,, explains beating lung cancer with the AI edge.
digital cytology

Digital cytology and the future of cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer is a disease affecting thousands of women in the UK with around 3,200 new cases diagnosed every year, can developments in cervical screening and digital cytology help?
medical costs, patients with thyroid cancer

Reducing medical costs of patients with thyroid cancer by centralising medical functions

Professor Hiroki Konno at Nihon University explores proposals for reducing medical costs for patients with thyroid cancer in Japan.
prostate cancer cells

Genomic instability and nuclear architecture in cancer

Sabine Mai and Aline Rangel-Pozzo, at the CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute and The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, discuss genomic instability in relation to 3D spatial organization of telomeres.
prevent skin cancer

Banning indoor tanning beds would prevent skin cancer

Banning commercially available indoor tanning beds would prevent skin cancer and reduce deaths from the most serious form of skin cancer known as melanoma.
AI solutions

WSK Medical: Changing healthcare by leveraging innovative AI solutions

Using AI solutions to assist clinicians and doctors in the quest for early cancer detection through software.
former cancer patients, COVID-19

Former cancer patients not more likely to die from COVID

A study finds that former cancer patients are not more likely to die from COVID than non-cancer patients, if they aren't having active treatment.
individualised multimodal immunotherapy, brain cancer

Individualised Multimodal Immunotherapy beyond personalised medicine for brain cancer

Stefaan Van Gool, MD, PhD brings to light the important role of Individualised Multimodal Immunotherapy in improving the survival of brain cancer.

“Inadequate” UK cancer services risk late diagnosis for patients

According to a report, more than 340,000 cancer patients could face late diagnosis - due to NHS staff shortages.
lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma

Cytomegalovirus & glioblastoma: Solving the riddle

Sean Lawler, Associate Professor at Brown University, explains solving the riddle when it comes to the cytomegalovirus virus and the lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma.
genomic instability, 3d imaging

Visualising genomic instability in cancer

Sabine Mai and Aline Rangel-Pozzo from CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute, The University of Manitoba, explore how 3D imaging and quantitative analysis provide key insights into genomic instability.

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