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Open Access Government’s Human Resources (HR) and Training category is one that helps provide information on important changes within the workplace.

We cover stories on research to improve workplace staff productivity and employee mental health. Research into stress levels and the fear of ‘burning out’ and how to combat these issues. With expert opinions from companies around the country, you can find articles on workplace benefits and the positives to flexible working hours.

Also available are articles concerning compliance to HR and the problems surrounding gender discrimination and inequality.

working environment

What will work look like after the pandemic?

IM&M discuss what work will look like after the coronavirus pandemic and what changes need to be made to our working environment.

Is your company neurodiverse – if not, why not?

Dr Nancy Doyle C. Psychol. AFBPsS, psychologist, founder and CEO of Genius Within, states that it is imperative that people take into consideration the neuro-differences of their colleagues when working towards an inclusive and supportive culture.
Protecting key workers

Protecting key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Dan Joyce, General Manager at EMEA SafetyCulture, advises how companies can ensure they're protecting key workers during the Coronavirus crisis.
new ways of working

Adopting new ways of working in the shadow of a pandemic

David Thomson, head of external affairs, Association for Project Management (APM), discusses how firms are adapting in light of unprecedented challenges and explores new ways of working post-pandemic.
lead effectively

How to lead effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic

Claire Dale, tutor and Leadership Programme Director at RADA Business, offers expert advice on how leaders can remain calm and lead effectively in times of crisis, by building upon the techniques used by world-leading actors.
Ramadan covid-19, muslim

Ramadan, COVID-19 and lockdown: How can employers support their Muslim staff?

Tom Heys, Legal Analyst at Lewis Silkin LLP, UK member firm of Ius Laboris, examines issues employers need to be aware of during Ramadan, with COVID-19 and lockdown.
disabled community, working from home

What can the disabled community teach us about working from home?

Liz Johnson, former Paralympian and co-founder of The Ability People, discusses what we can learn from the disabled community about working from home.

What will the post-COVID-19 work environment look like?

Philip Turvey, executive director of Anglia Research, provides insight into what the post-COVID-19 work environment may look like in the months ahead.
safe workplace

How can your organisation create a safe workplace for key workers?

Shaun Doak, CEO of REACT Specialist Cleaning, advises how organisations can create a safe workplace for key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
health and safety measures

COVID-19 health and safety measures

Nick Wilson, Director of Health & Safety Services at Ellis Whittam, discusses the health and safety measures businesses in public and private sectors must now adhere to in light of COVID-19 when it comes to both the workplace and employers’ responsibilities for staff working from home.
lead compassionately

How to lead compassionately in a remote working world: Seven steps

Matt Lewis, Director of Hays Public Services, shares seven tips to help you lead compassionately in a remote working world.

COVID-19: How to engage with employees when working at a distance

Rick Kershaw, CPO at Peakon shares his advice on how organisations should look to engage with employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
global risks

How organisations should prepare for unanticipated global risks

Here, Gunjan Sinha, Executive Chairman at MetricStream, discusses how organisations should handle and prepare for unanticipated global risks following the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 heroes: Who are the workers protecting our country?

It is time to get familiar with the COVID-19 heroes who are not doctors or nurses: Who else is risking their health for the community?
managing a remote workforce

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’: Top tips for managing a remote workforce

Open Access Government spoke to seven technology experts to get their advice on how organisations can effectively transition and manage a remote workforce.

The benefits of putting your faith in a neurodiverse employee

Antoni Bohdanowicz, Senior Customer Service Representative, shares his experience working for BP as an employee with Asperger's.
agile working

The HQ of the future: Agile working is changing how and where we work

The HQ of the future will be smaller and more innovative: PLACEmaking examine how agile working is changing office estate.
autism in the workplace

Autism in the workplace: The value and need for neurodiversity

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, Paul Modley, Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity & Inclusion at Alexander Mann Solutions, highlights the importance of autistic employees in a time of skills shortages.
coaching supervision

The case for coaching supervision: How does a coach self-care?

Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey state the case for coaching supervision including how a coach utilises self-care.
workforce changes

COVID-19: The legal risks when making workforce changes

The coronavirus crisis is forcing employers of all sizes across the UK economy to make drastic workforce changes, but with this comes considerable legal risk, as employment solicitor Paida Dube explains.

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