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Open Access Government’s technology category has plenty of very recent and updated information on all the key topics on this ever-expanding market. 

Within this section, you can find articles on topics such as cybercrime, data protection and online harms. And we also touch upon the relevant topics such as social media and its potential danger and its ongoing need for regulation. The protection of personal data in the modern age is a topic is something we touch upon often in the contexts of revenge porn and other forms. Topics such as Cybersecurity in relation to business and the domination of ‘The Cloud’ are very popular.

We all cover a wide range of information concerning the emerging potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the many developments and ethical arguments within this topic. we have experts giving their opinion on the future of AI and how it will move forward. We also look at AI and its involvement in healthcare.

We also cover the Internet of Things (IoT) along with the use of data and GDPR related issues.

The challenge of maintaining cyber security

After a number of high profile breaches cyber security has become a key focus for the public sector, says Meg Hillier MP, Chair, Public Accounts Committee

Is cryptocurrency the new digital phenomenon?

Open Access Government looks at new digital technologies such as blockchain and bitcoin and highlights cryptocurrency and where it may go in the future Cryptocurrency...

Digital Europe: digitising industry, empowering people

Andrus Ansip, European Commission VP for the Digital Single Market outlines why science and research play an integral role in creating a digital Europe

Where next for public sector networking?

Michael Bowyer, Director at Industry Association, Innopsis looks at how technology in the public sector is changing and the benefits to be had
data protection law

Government set to extend UK data protection law

New data protection guidelines being set out by the government will allow British citizens to delete personal data.

Data availability: the building block for digital transformation

Massimo Merlo, VP of EMEA Enterprise and Regional VP of UK&I at Veeam details why data should be at the heart of digital transformation in the public sector

iStorage introduce the most secure hard drives ever made

iStorage Limited reveal their new diskAshur range, which consists of the most secure hard drives and solid state drives on the market

Why is it hard to innovate in the public sector?

Contino’s Public Sector Lead, Alistair Smith looks at innovation within the public sector and what more could be done to encourage it and get...

The rise of data and its impact on government IT departments

Joe Kim, EVP, Engineering & Global CTO at SolarWinds, explores how government IT departments can utilise the large amounts of data they collect effectively.

A long-term strategy for cyber security

Challenges remain in the fight for cyber security. Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane highlights the work being undertaken to keep the UK safe

Measuring the success of digital services in local government

John McMahon, Product Director at IEG4 talks about the transformation of public sector digital services and explains the Digital Offset Effect

Securing large scale events in the aftermath of terrorism

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association, looks at some of the most effective methods of securing large-scale events

A springboard to the cloud: Putting a plan into action

Andrew Mellish, of Six Degrees Group Company Carrenza shares the challenges public sector organisations face when it comes to implementing cloud services

Bridging the digital skills gap: What can the government do?

Civica Digital Managing Director, Chris Doutney explores how the digital skills gap can be tackled and addresses some of the challenges In a recent report,...

How can your organisation meet the transformation agenda?

Sungard Availability Services provides technical know-how and support to meet the transformation agenda and help organisations achieve their cloud ambitions

How can UK universities protect themselves from cybercriminals?

Robert Stoneman, analyst at GlobalData highlights why UK universities are key targets for cybercriminals and how to safeguard from an attack UK universities will find...

Government digitalisation: how to make it a vibrant reality

David Downing of SAS UK and Ireland looks at whether the government’s digitalisation strategy could go further to become more responsive and agile

Is this the second coming of living labs in Europe?

Here, Seija Kulkki, of Aalto University School of Business discusses participative RDI for inclusive transformations and Europe’s living labs

European towns to benefit from WiFi as EU agrees to funding

€120m funding will be used to provide free WiFi internet connections across 8,000 EU municipalities without coverage The internet is something most of us take...

Managing digital transformation: The bridge to enterprise

The evolving relationship between citizens and local authorities creates challenges when managing digital transformation. Web Labs’ Garry Lander explains

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