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How bad is the UK’s problem with potholes?

Vindis explores just how bad the UK’s roads are as a result of potholes 
reduce congestion

New York model for open data could help reduce congestion in London

London could greatly reduce congestion by emulating the New York model for open data, claims Karhoo
drunk driver

Only 40% of motorists would report a drunk driver

Only four out of ten UK motorists would call the Police if they thought a car was being driven by a drunk driver, new research has found

Highways England to lift roadworks during Christmas period

Highways England is doing its bit to help people get home for Christmas as it prepares to lift more than 200 miles of roadworks in time for the festive getaway

Waterloo Station busiest in Britain for 15th year

Waterloo is the busiest station in Britain for the 15th consecutive year, despite the total number of passenger entries and exits falling by five million to 94.4 million
disabled access

How the UK’s airports should navigate disabled access

Hilary Stephenson, Managing Director of Sigma explains how the UK’s airports should navigate disabled access.
rail signalling

The challenges of a new rail signalling system in Denmark

Danish Minister for Transport, Building and Housing, Ole Birk Olesen, explains the introduction of a new rail signalling system for the country, including the challenges when it comes to the successful deployment of ERTMS
Urban Air Mobility

County Durham joins leading European communities in Urban Air Mobility Initiative

County Durham has joined a network of innovative cities and regions across Europe in an initiative to nurture the development of airborne smart mobility, which includes services such as air taxis and ambulances delivering medical equipment
aviation fuels

The rise of sustainable aviation fuels

Dr Simon Blakey, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the Low Carbon Combustion Centre, The University of Sheffield explores the rise of sustainable aviation fuels

Car breathalysers supported by public to prevent drink driving

New research has revealed that 90% of drivers would support breathalysers being installed in cars to prevent drink driving
train fares

Rail fares to rise 3.1% in the New Year, announces Rail Delivery Group

The Rail Delivery Group has announced that train fares are expected to increase on average by 3.1% next year, the 4th time in the last six years that prices have been lower than July's RPI measure of inflation.
train stations

Future-gazing: what train stations will offer by 2030

Dave Ashton, CEO of Loco2, discusses what train stations will offer by 2030 thanks to technology and innovation
disabled road users

Muscular Dystrophy UK partnership to improve journeys for disabled road users

A new partnership with charity Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) will bring Changing Places accessible toilets to the majority of motorway service areas — making journeys easier for disabled road users across England
road improvements

£1.5b road improvements project reaches half-way point

The UK's biggest road upgrade has reached its half-way point and is set to transform journeys on one of England's most vital roads.
road accidents

The most common causes for road accidents per London borough in 2017

Statistics for the year ending June 2018 show 26,610 people have died or been severely injured due to road accidents
train companies

Improving the rail commuter’s experience: Does government policy reflect the voice of the customer?

Steve Brockway from Maru/edr explores the UK government’s rail expansion policy and asks if it’s really improving the customer experience for commuters, or should rail companies be listening more to the voice of the customer?
millennial drivers

Road Safety Week: the dangerous habits of millennial drivers

Fulton Leasing have released the results of their recent study into British driving habits, revealing that among those surveyed, millennial drivers are the most dangerous generation behind the wheel 

New MOT standards improving air quality

The number of cars failing emissions test has more than doubled since the new MOT introduced stricter emission rules to help improve air quality
transportation infrastructure

From standstills to the fast lane: Using data-driven collaboration to streamline the UK’s transportation...

With the UK’s economic growth critically dependent on our transportation infrastructure, it has never been more important for organisations working in parallel to collaborate effectively if they are to maintain existing networks, implement improvements and deliver major projects and upgrades successfully
hazard perception

Hazard perception test now features more weather conditions

The hazard perception part of the theory test now includes clips to test a learner driver’s ability to spot developing hazards in different weather conditions

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