Prestige Contributors

Dr Andrew Goddard

Dr Andrew Goddard

Royal College of Physicians registrar and consultant gastroenterologist
Georges Dassis

Georges Dassis

President, European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Celine Fremault

Céline Fremault

Minister of Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy at the Government of Brussels-Capital Region

David Cole-Hamilton

President of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS)

Francesca Colombo

Head of the Health Division at the OECD

Elena Nekhaev

Programmes Director - World Energy Council
Henri Malosse

Henri Malosse

President of the European Economic and Social Committee
Arvid Hallen

Arvid Hallen

Director General - Research Council of Norway

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Predicting drug responses

Luminex xTAG® CYP2D6 Kit v3 and xTAG® CYP2C19 Kit v3 assays may aid in determining therapeutic strategies for drugs metabolized by CYP2D6 and CYP2C19...

Why we should proactively develop character in our young people

In this article Simon Dean, CEO and Founder of challenger Troop (CIC) talks about how he believes that character development is something that needs...

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