Environment Stakeholders

Swindon and Wiltshire LEP logo

Swindon and Wiltshire LEP discuss transforming urban centres and local developments

Swindon and Wiltshire LEP discusses the development of the urban centre in Swindon and Salisbury, as well as developments in Wiltshire Swindon and Wiltshire is...
Global Aqua Survey

Global Aqua Survey Ltd – underwater surveying and investigation

Global Aqua Survey is comprised of experts in marine industries and focuses on providing expert underwater surveying and investigation

Department of Geography – Migration, Mortality and Medicalisation

Professor Richard Smith, of the Department of Geography at Cambridge University, investigates the long-run epidemiological consequences of urbanisation 1600 - 1945
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences

University of California Cooperative Extension

As a land-grant institution, the University of California Cooperative Extension specialists are dedicated to the welfare, development and protection of California agriculture and are...
Geesinknorba Ltd

Innovative refuse collection vehicles from Geesinknorba

Manufacturers of refuse collection vehicles and compactors, Geesinknorba have 140 years of company history in the waste management industry.
SIOO Wood Protection

SIOO:X Wood Protection – silicon technology

Sioo:x are leaders in wood protection using silicon technology to provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives...

Mateescu’s Animal Genetics and Genomics Lab

Mateescu's Animal Genetics and Genomics Lab is focused on research into molecular genetics for beef cattle, sheep and goats. Most biological traits of economic...

Department of Animal Biology – University of Illinois

Although the name Department of Animal Biology is relatively new, this area of biology has a long tradition of excellence at the University of...
University of Bristol-Faculty of Engineering

Enabling Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Designs

Current predictions are for air transport to continue its ever increasing growth of around 4 – 5% per year, and this provides one of...
UCL-Institute of Archaeology

UCL – Institute of Archaeology

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is the largest and one of the most highly regarded centres for archaeology, cultural heritage and museum studies in...

Plant Pathology in Western Nebraska

EDUCATION/DEGREES Ph. D. 1999, University of Florida – Plant Pathology M. S. 1989, Texas A&M University – Plant Pathology B. S. 1985, Tarleton State...
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) is a Belgian federal scientific research institute which has celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 25, 2014. Its main tasks...

Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

The Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology and the Institute of Hydrogeology are involved in the teachings of the Bachelor/Master studies of Applied Geosciences...
OKI Systems

Managed Print Services from OKI Systems

OKI is one of the leading business-to-business printer brands and continuously strives to improve the quality of products, applications and services to help increase...
Aalto University

Research unit of Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection

Marketing research on CCS by mineral carbonization, CFB waste gasification and SCWG of black liquor and biomass. The research unit of Energy Engineering and Environmental...

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