Health & Social Care Stakeholders

Department of Ophthalmology, Visual & Anatomical Sciences

The Laboratory of TXNIP Biology and Function in Health and Disease

Dr Lalit Pukhrambam discusses his involvement in the Department of Ophthalmology, Visual & Anatomical Sciences including his current research
Search Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory

Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory

Dr. Sanchez discusses his research into the auditory system in order to develop therapeutic approaches for people with hearing impairment Neurons within the auditory pathway utilise...
University Hospital Dusseldorf

Magnetic Resonance at the Department of Molecular Cardiology

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory utilises nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for noninvasive investigation of organs in small rodents
Dept of Cardiovascular and Toracic Science

Institute of Cardiology – Expert examination and research

Cardiology research focusing on schemic pathologies, from the study of the physiopathology and coronary syndromes, to evaluation of new forms of therapy

Biolife – A Life Science Digital Ecosystem

The BioLife digital ecosystem integrates the world’s major life science resources to underpin lifetime patient care, supporting global bioscience.
Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School is now ranked as the UK’s 3rd best Medical School and Wales’s number one Medical School (The Guardian University Rankings 2019)
Signal Peptide, DZNE

The DZNE: researching neurodegenerative diseases

The DZNE investigates the causes of neurodegenerative diseases and develops novel strategies for prevention, treatment and care.
UCLA School of Medicine

Gut Microbiome Research at the UCLA School of Medicine/GLAVA HCS

Professor Hannah Wexler discusses her work with Bacteroides fragilis, an important commensal in the gut microbiome but also the most important clinical anaerobic pathogen.
Institute of Pathology

Health care, teaching and research at the Institute of Pathology

When teaching students, pathology is an important, basic and cross-sectional subject in the training of human medicine and dentistry.
University Hospital Bern

University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine

The University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine conducts examinations and treatments on patients with radioactive drugs. This includes radiation protection with its medical, physical and biological fundamentals

Relevance Project – red cell life-spans

The Relevance consortium project researches the regulation of red cell life-spans, erythropoiesis, survival, senescence and clearance RELEVANCE is an international consortium of thirteen partners representing academic research...
The Balgrist

The Balgrist – medical experts in musculoskeletal injuries

Providing excellent medical service with you in mind Balgrist University Hospital is recognised worldwide as a highly specialised, leading centre of excellence for assessing, treating...
Child Language Doctoral Program

Child Language Doctoral Program at the University of Kansas

The Child Language Doctoral Program (CLDP) is moving in new directions! The Child Language Doctoral Program's long-standing interdisciplinary doctoral program has a legacy of preparing...

Pfalzklinikum – service provider for mental health and resilience

Pfalzklinikum discuss their involvement in providing community based services for mental health, including general psychiatry and neurology services
Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research

Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research

The Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research provides classroom and clinical instruction for pharmacy students and trains graduate students in clinical translational research. The Department...
Experimental Pathology Service - Institute of Pathology

Experimental Pathology Service – Institute of Pathology

The Experimental Pathology Service at the University of Lausanne discuss the projects they cover The Experimental Pathology Service at the University of Lausanne cover a range of topics with...
New York Uni School of Medicine

Huntington disease research at the New York University School of Medicine

Professor Naoko Tanese discusses her research into Huntington disease at the School of Medicine, New York University Huntington disease (HD) is a devastating disease that strikes affected...

Department of Radiation Oncology – Photosensitizing drug treatment

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a method of killing cells which utilizes a photosensitizing drug (usually a porphyrin of some type), light within the visible...
Endocrine Disruptors Project-Instituto Superiore di Sanita

Alberto Mantovani, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) is the reference scientific public body of the Italian Health Ministry and National Health Service. Its activities include...
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Center for Precision Biomedicine

The Center for Precision Biomedicine connects research efforts across the university in systems biology, clinical and translational sciences, protein chemistry, genomics, metabonomics, nanomedicine, and...

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