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CETIM – Research and development for the circular economy

CETIM shifts Ideas into Value: Research, development and innovation, oriented to industry and institutions with a focus on circular economy

CETIM is a private non-profit Technology Centre located in A Coruña, Spain, dedicated to promote research, technological development and innovation in different economic sectors and economic activities. The Centre is focused on providing industrial support through applied collaborative R&D in the areas of Eco Bio Technologies, Advanced Materials and Digital Industries.

The work done in Eco Bio Technologies includes research in water treatment technologies with a focus on elimination of emerging pollutants, microplastics and other compounds and  disinfection and water reuse achieved though the implementation of several innovative technologies including nature-based solutions. This research is being conducted in relevant national and European projects such as NICE, coordinated by CETIM, REWAISE or LIFE PHOENIX. Furthermore, CETIM is leading the research efforts in the recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs), with the use of biotechnological processes, from primary and secondary sources in the H2020 project BIORECOVER. The team at Eco Bio Technologies is also working as well in the development of new models of biorefinery, in the valorisation of forestry/agricultural biomass and organic waste, as well as in the obtention of biofertilizers and the recovery of nutrients from waste sources, such as in the LIFE ULISES Project.

CETIM is also strong in Advanced Materials, conducting research in lignocellulose materials in topics such as the valorisation, extraction, physical-chemical modification & conditioning of lignin and cellulose or the synthesis of micro & nano particles of cellulose, as is the case of the national project Novacell. A specialized team is working as well in the development of innovative technologies for the formulation of polymers and coatings such as the ones created in the DICKENS project. The area includes as well a research line in Sustainable Construction Materials working in projects such as KEOPS, funded by the Spanish Government. Last but not least, CETIM is contributing to advance of EU capabilities in new energy solutions, with its work on advanced materials for energy storage and in particular, in active materials for cell manufacturing. A work that is been developed in national projects such as Lion HD.

Finally, CETIM counts with a specialized team working in the Digitalisation of the Industry, trough virtual environments such as Digital Twins for the optimization of industrial processes, supported with Blockchain Networks for traceability. ECO SMARTBATT project, focused on the automatisation of battery cells assembly is an example of Smart Factory initiatives. The area also works on the Human-Machine Interface and Internet of things with Smart sensors and sensor networks applied to different sectors such as water and detection of pollutants as in the project ESENCE.

CETIM is a reliable partner for research and development initiatives, at national, European and international levels, with experience in working with more than 200 clients and partners around the world, pushing technology forward for a greener future based in biotechnologies, circular economy and digitisation.

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