Charities ask for EU funding clarity

Chief executives of a number of bodies representing charities have written to the Treasury to gain reassurances about the future of EU funding…

A number of bodies representing charities have written to the government to gain clarity over the future of the European Social Fund and Horizon 2020.

The heads of NCVO, Charity Finance Group, Social Enterprise UK, Voice4Change England, the Small Charities Coalition, Locality, Navca, the Association of Charitable Foundations and the Institute of Fundraising wrote to the chief secretary to the Treasury David Gauke to ask how Brexit will impact funding in the future.

A week ago the government provided reassurances that it would underwrite funding for Horizon 2020 projects that gained grants before the UK leaves the EU. Speaking at the time, Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark said: “By underwriting the significant Horizon 2020 grants we are showing the extent of our commitment, standing squarely behind our researchers and scientists as they continue working with their European partners to develop new technologies, discover life-saving medicines and pioneer every day innovations that will benefit all hard-working Britons.”

Now charities are seeking the same clarifications.

The letter stated: “We would be grateful if you could provide us an assurance that the European Social Fund and Horizon 2020 funding will be continued until 2020.

“We would also welcome a conversation about how the services and research currently funded by the EU will be supported in the future.”


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