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Chauvin Arnoux UK Ltd – changing energy to meet our needs

The world’s energy needs are changing. We need to adapt accordingly.

Today we live in a rapidly changing world and with the start of the new decade we are faced with a progressively worsening problem – climate change. It’s almost universally accepted that, if we don’t take drastic steps to cut our carbon emissions – starting now – the consequences for the future of our planet are likely to be dire and the damage we are doing irreparable.

New environmental regulations and renewable energy initiatives are being launched to speed up our transition to a more sustainable world, but the transition itself presents some unique challenges. In the short term, as we gradually switch to electric vehicles for example, the demand for energy will only increase and there is a substantial risk that there will not be enough generating capacity to meet our needs.

This means that it is vital for us to reduce our energy consumption in other areas and increase our energy efficiency. This poses a particular problem for businesses, which today must be conscious of their energy usage and their carbon footprint and work continually toward reducing them. How can this be accomplished?

Related to electrical energy efficiency, power quality issues are also on the rise as 21st century installations are equipped with an increasing number of non-linear loads. One prominent issue, that of harmonics on the electrical supply, is often worsened by the introduction of energy efficiency improvement measures and so the two subjects should be considered together.

Chauvin Arnoux is dedicated to helping companies take control of their energy consumption and reduce the costs related to it, whether they are environmental or financial.

We have a wide range of high-quality instruments that can help you reduce your carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, ensure safe environmental conditions, eliminate energy waste, optimise power quality, and most of all – cut your energy costs.

Energy is expensive and is becoming more expensive by the day.

It’s very likely that energy costs are a significant proportion of your businesses’ outgoings, so keeping those costs under control – and reducing them if possible – is important for maintaining profitability and achieving future success.

Chauvin Arnoux can provide useful suggestions that are practical, cost-effective and easy to implement, in order to get the most out of the energy you pay for.

The fundamentals of Power Quality and why ignoring them can cost you.

Power quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of running an electrical installation due to a lack of understanding or awareness of it. This then often leads site and facility managers experiencing problems within their installations to focus on the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of those problems. This can have a number of consequences including higher energy usage and costs, higher maintenance costs, as well as equipment instability and failure.

Chauvin Arnoux can guide you on what you need to be aware of in an accessible way, and outline what is needed in order to avoid the issues of poor power quality.

The crucial link between environmental conditions and the health.

Nowadays, one of the most overlooked factors influencing a business, facility or campus’s productivity is its internal environment. Poor conditions can have a direct effect on the well-being, health, and performance of employees, students and other personnel, as well as unnecessarily increasing energy costs.

Chauvin Arnoux can help you understand and implement the measuring and monitoring of key parameters, and apply changes where needed.

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