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Coast to Coast Climate Challenge

Striving forwards to create climate resilient cities using holistic climate adaptation in Central Denmark Region

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, C2C CC, is a development project working on holistic climate adaptation in Central Denmark Region. The project is a LIFE Integrated project. We are 31 partners and 25 supporting actors. Central Denmark Region is the lead partner. The other partners are municipalities, utilities, universities and a joint office in Brussels: Central Denmark EU Office. Together, we carry out 24 sub-projects, each working on different climate challenges related to water. We work throughout the water cycle and with three cross-cutting themes of: governance, tools and innovation.

The project started in November 2017 and will end by the end of 2022.

One of our lighthouse projects is Climatorium, which hosts a national climate summit over three days every year. In 2022, the themes are Climate Adaptation, Energy, Circular Economy and Business Lighthouse within water technology. The overall angle this year is “The Earth in Balance”. It is under this theme the authors of the article have contributed at the climate summit on the adaptation track.

The overall vision of the project is to create climate resilient cities in a climate resilient region through formulation of a common long-term strategy among local stakeholders, implementing in a targeted way the local climate change adaptation (CCA) plans, coordinating the CCA analyses and activities, and identifying and improving the resources and adaptive capacities of citizens, municipalities, utilities and companies within the water sector.

Have a look at the project website www.c2ccc.eu/english/. Here you find descriptions of all the sub projects, different kinds of articles, films and leaflets in English.

The project is mainly brainwork, which means a large number of activities and projects already are and will be launched in continuation of C2C CC. By the end of phase 2 in December 2020 we have registered 73 complementary projects counting approx. 800.000 mill. EUR. When the project ends later this year we expect a start up of complementary projects for more than 1½ billion EUR.


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