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College of Economics at Nihon University

Experience various sense of values at the Japan’s biggest college of Economics, located in the centre or Japan

Since its inception in 1889, Nihon University has been one of the leading research universities in Japan. It started as Nihon Law School in Misaki-cho, Tokyo, and has grown into the single largest Japanese university today, consisting of 16 self-governing colleges, 20 graduate schools and over 70,000 students. Among these colleges, the College of Economics (NUCE) has occupied a central place; its foundation dates back to 1909, which makes us the third oldest college in Nihon University. Together with the College of Law, the school is located in Misaki-cho, where the university started its life. Departments include Economics, Industrial Management, and Finance and Public Economics; and as a school entirely devoted to the study of economics, we have the largest student body and offer the most diverse courses and seminars. Students will also benefit from the courses offered by our International Program in the Department of Economics, where many of the classes are conducted in English.

History of the College of Economics

Nihon University was founded in 1889 by Akiyoshi Yamada as Nihon Law School, and the College of Economics was established in 1904, a year after the school was renamed to Nihon University, as the Department of Commerce. In 1934 it was reorganized into the College of Commerce and Economics, and later on split off and renamed as the College of Economics. The College has kept with the school motto and has grown into one of the leading educational institutions in Japan it is today.

1889 Nihon Law School Founded
1903 Renamed Nihon University
1904 The Department of Commerce (Present: College of Economics and College of Commerce) Established
1905 The Department of Commerce Classes Begin
1920 Establishment of College of Commerce, Department of Commerce Approved by the University Ordinance
1924 Department of Economics Established in College of Commerce
1934 College of Commerce Renamed to College of Commerce and Economics
1944 College of Commerce and Economics Renamed to College of Economics
1949 Under New Educational System, College of Economics Split Into Department of Economics and Department of Business Administration
1951 Graduate School of Economics, Master’s Program Established (Economics Major)
1952 Department of Business Administration Renamed Department of Commerce
1953 Graduate School of Economics, Doctoral Program Established (Monetary Economics Major)
1957 Department of Commerce in College of Economics Becomes Independent as College of Commerce, Department of Commerce
1963 College of Commerce Split Off to Kinuta Building
1964 Department of Industrial Management Established
1976 Graduate School of Economics, Doctoral Program (Monetary Economics Major) Removed, Doctoral Program (Economics Major) Established
1989 International Course Established in Department of Economics
2002 Building 7 Completed
2004 100th Anniversary
2010 Department of Finance and Public Economics Established
2017 Building 3 Completed

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