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Connected Kerb – electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions

Connected Kerb provide charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles, making a sustainable future achievable

Connected Kerb is one of the UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions. Our purpose is to power the future of sustainable mobility for everyone. By supplying long-lasting, sustainable and affordable charging infrastructure, our mission is to become the most accessible, affordable and reliable player in our markets. The company focuses strongly on on-street residential charging to support EV users without driveways or the ability to charge their vehicle at home, helping the UK get EV-ready for the 2030 ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles and to meet the 2050 net zero deadline. We work with local authorities, commercial and residential developers, workplaces and fleets to enable what we hope will be a full transition to electric vehicles.

In September 2022, Connected Kerb announced a £110 million investment from Aviva Investors which will support the company’s plans to install £190,000 charging points across the UK by 2030.. Growing the number of green jobs is also key and the company has grown from five founders into a century of employees in less than five years, with over 20 nationalities working at the headquarters in Soho and out on the road across the country.

Connected Kerb’s flagship products include the Gecko charger and the recently released Chameleon, our new bollard-style charger. We have also started deploying the Scarab, our newest wall-mounted residential charger and already have the Limpet which can be seen in many car parks. The unique selling points of our smart-enabled solutions include the future technologies that they can support such as 5G, IoT devices and air quality sensors. Connected Kerb’s approach involves installing the expensive componentry underground while the above ground socket can be installed at a later point when it is required or EV demand rises. This modular design eliminates both the presence of too many unused charging points and the need to excavate the ground multiple times when they need to be replaced or maintained. Critically, our charging points last longer than any others on the market.

We deploy our charging points in a strategic manner using our intuitive site selection tool to identify optimal locations. Factors considered include levels of EV ownership, local parking restrictions, existing street furniture and local grid capacity. We aim to increase EV uptake across society by deploying in low income areas where toxic air quality is often at its highest with a commitment to ensuring EV charging is not just the preserve of residents in wealthy postcodes. Connected Kerb supports the Government’s levelling up agenda, aiming to deploy not just in urban areas – 30% of the UK network is in London – but also in rural areas where there can be charging ‘blackspots’, stretched grid capacity or lower footfall. We also aim to make EV charging accessible to everyone. There are over 2.3 million blue badge holders who must not be left behind in the EV transition so through conversations with disability charities such as Motability, we aim to make charging bays as accessible as possible avoiding heavy cables, obstructive bollards and ensuring clear signage just a few factors.

Connected Kerb’s commitment to sustainability is universal. Products are made out of recycled materials wherever possible and the company has a strong environmental policy. We also attended COP26 in November 2021 and were a key contributor to the Sustainable Innovation Forum.

We are also expanding into international markets such as the US, where a pilot project for on-street charging in New York City has already been launched. The company has also won multiple awards since forming in 2017. A catalyst for initial success was in 2018 when we won the Mayor of London Awards or Civic Innovation. Since then, we picked up the 2019 Seal Sustainability Award and the 2022 Foster & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award among others. Most recently we won Best Consumer Proposition Award for our Agile Streets .project. Agile Streets was an innovation project that saw the UK’s first trial of public smart charging. It gaveEV users the choice to schedule charging when it is cheapest, say at night, or when there is a surplus of wind or solar energy sources. It is another strand of Connected Kerb’s efforts to level up charging inequality in the UK and ensure sustainable mobility is high value, low impact and accessible to everyone.

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Transforming transport for the NHS

Transforming transport for the NHS

Connected Kerb has begun discussions with several NHS trusts about transforming transport and becoming a trusted companion on their EV journey.