Neville Henderson

    Senior Consultant
    Pasfield Curran, flexible working consultants to Crown Workforce Management

    Neville Henderson is a working time consultant who has been at the forefront of design and implementation of new ways of working for many years, from complex annualised hours systems to simpler shift pattern changes

    He has helped introduce these changes within a wide range of industries to clients throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield. He is an excellent communicator to all levels of people, whilst also having a strong technical background.


    • Understanding the performance/cost objectives
    • Identifying the current and future product volume and their variabilities
    • Understanding plant running options and limitations
    • Understanding tasks, work standards and training requirements
    • Examining future state and performance expectations
    • Determining new ways of working to satisfy this demand and people/skill balance with positive motivation
    • Development of complex staffing and budgeting models (VBA/Excel)
    • Communication and implementation of new ways of working

    Since graduating with a degree in Mathematical Sciences and an M.B.A. from Durham University, he has worked in the field of working time, starting with Philip Lynch Associates to eventually managing the York based consultancy, Pasfield Curran – working through to its subsequent joining with Crown Computing in 2007. He continues to work as a Pasfield Curran/ Crown consultant both with Crown Workforce Management clients and others.