Paolo Finocchiaro

    Nuclear Physicist, Head Technologist
    INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud

    Paolo Finocchiaro, senior nuclear physicist at INFN-LNS, has led many fundamental and applied physics research programs and has worked many years in France and in Germany. Tutor of about 40 bachelor, master and PhD students, Finocchiaro has also taken part in high level education programs, teaching at several european schools. He is currently involved in two international nuclear physics collaborations, NUMEN at LNS about neutrino properties and nTOF at CERN measuring reaction cross sections using neutron beams. He is also involved in three EU funded projects about radioactive waste management and monitoring, where he develops new types of gamma and neutron radiation detectors. Author of 300+ articles and countless conference presentations all over the world on physics and technology, he is currrently focused on the development of innovative radiation detectors for scientific and industrial applications.