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Danfoss – Engineering tomorrow with smarter resource usage

At Danfoss, we are engineering solutions that allows the world to use resources in smarter ways. Driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow

With our engineering solutions, Danfoss are meeting many of the world’s climate, urbanisation, and food challenges with proven and reliable solutions – and we’re just getting started. Driven by the power of an electrified society, and fuelled by the opportunities of going digital, Danfoss is dedicated to engineering solutions that can unleash the potential of tomorrow.

The green restart series

This is the moment. Now is a unique opportunity to implement green solutions on a greater scale that will lead the sustainable transformation to limit climate change.

Let’s not go back to what we had but forward to what we want

Restarting the economy and boosting the GDP don’t have to come at the expense of our climate. Quite the opposite.
The climate and economic challenges are part of the same solution. Let’s protect our climate by investing in a low-carbon economy. This will also ensure that the jobs we create today are there in the future. For a successful transformation we must focus on energy efficiency in our buildings, cities and industries. We must drive the electrification of our world forward and integrate sectors and systems in much smarter ways. These green solutions are ready and proven. This is our chance to accelerate towards carbon neutrality. This is where the transformation starts.


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