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Our teaching and research remain true to the Department of International Politics’ founding ideals: to strive for a safer and more just world order

Department of International Politics - Aberystwyth University

The Department of International Politics was the first International Relations department in the world, founded in 1919 by a gift to the university by Lord David Davies in memory of those fallen in the First World War and in alliance with the mission of the League of Nations. It is presently celebrating together its own centenary and the centenary of the discipline.

Professor Richard Beardsworth

Richard Beardsworth holds the E.H. Carr chair in International Politics and is Head of the Department of International Politics at the University of Aberystwyth.

Trained as a political philosopher, Richard strives to make theory relevant to practice and policy formation, focusing particularly on the need for comprehensive and normative big thinking in empirical political practices. Since his move into the discipline of International Relations he has been concerned, conversely, with the lack of embedded political vision and embedded global leadership in global governance practices. Given the contemporary populist and nationalist reaction to the social and political ‘emptiness’ of globalization processes, his present research agenda—comprising national and international workshops, conferences, articles and a book manuscript—addresses three inter-related concerns:

  • To rehearse a political ethic of responsibility in a globalized, fragmented world;
  • To partner with other scholars in a general research project on state responsibility and coalition building among progressive social and political actors;
  • To frame what a progressive statemeans today regarding global threats and challenges and the emerging new world order.


Relevant publications

  • Beardsworth. The State and Cosmopolitan Responsibility. Co-editor with G. Brown and R. Shapcott. Oxford University Press: July 2019.
  • Beardsworth. Our Political Moment: Political Responsibility and Leadership in a Globalized, Fragmented Age. Journal of International Relations, December 2018, 32/4.
  • Beardsworth. Reflections on Institutional Cosmopolitanism: State Responsibility in a Globalized Age. In L. Cabrera, Institutional Cosmopolitanism. Oxford University Press 2018.
  • Beardsworth. From Moral to Political Responsibility in a Globalized Age. Ethics and International Affairs Spring 2015, 29/1.

Stakeholder eBooks

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Progressive state leadership and the rise of populist nationalism

In this fascinating piece of analysis, Professor Richard Beardsworth, details his views on progressive state leadership and the rise of populist nationalism.