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Diabolo and me:my™coach

Diabolo is renowned for world class executive coaching of leaders in commercial enterprise and public service, aimed at individuals and leadership teams

Diabolo are experts in delivering best practice coaching for individuals and leadership teams. Diabolo Limited, established in 2003 and led by Karen Dean MCC (Master Certified Coach), is continually raising the bar on leadership performance and the ability to inspire.

Diabolo deliver coaching through a non-directive model, which believes in the client’s capability to find their best solution. The coach will ensure that clearly articulated goals are defined, as the coaching contract is established. Measures of success are vital if return on investment is to be evaluated.

Associates who make a bigger difference

Diabolo Limited is proud of its superb network of skilled, passionate and experienced coaches who offer a diverse mix of talent. This ensures the best possible matching with the client profile, context and need. 

All Associate Coaches are credentialed members of the established professional bodies, International Coach Federation or World Association of Business Coaches. Diabolo are signed up to a code of ethics and engage in regular supervision of our coaching practices. The team are committed to continuing professional development.

Additionally every one of Diabolo’s coaches is a thought leader in a specific aspect of coaching. From developing unique methods in team coaching, delivering accredited training of coaches and supervisors, building internal coaching teams, supervising other coaches, bringing together quality coaching resources and originating e-coaching tools. Diabolo associates have an exceptional profile.

Diabolo executive coaching


Diabolo have clients with Global responsibilities as well as those having a particular focus in the UK and European contexts. Diabolo have delivered to customers in the USA, have significant experience with Indian clients, and have clients in China and Brazil.

Executive Coaching for leaders: 

• Inspirational leadership 
• Maturity of leadership 
• Clarity of vision, exploration of options, deciding, defining and delivering  
• Improved profile, enhanced influencing skills and raised credibility 
• Building confidence and belief 
• Significant behavioural development 
• Performance coaching 
• Unlocking the talent in potentially high achievers 
• Securing promotion 

Team Coaching: 

• Articulation of team identity
• Clarity of vision
• Articulation of team purpose
• Aligning together for efficient and effective performance
• Exploration of values, and delivery of defined behaviours
• Enhanced professional relationships and service delivery
• Improved decision making
• Cultural evolution and integration of change 

Diabolo Limited engages in ‘Business with Spirit’. Diabolo specialises in developing trust and exceptional performance. Enabling each individual to learn and grow in organisations, releasing the human spirit and motivation. Building self-sufficiency is a core value – delivering goals quickly – releasing the clients to flourish with their newly acquired skills. We deploy the lightest precision touch, for the deepest transformation. 

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