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Original Sauce – Leading UK suppliers of e-liquid

Original Sauce is a UK based company that supply e-liquid products. All of our goods are produced to the highest possible standard and are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control procedures before being offered for sale to our customers.

Original Sauce,with their range of e-liquid products, offer a new level of convenience to those looking to make the transition from smoking to an electronic cigarette.

The Electronic cigarette

It’s safe to say that the e-cigarette has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in 2004, now offering users the chance to enjoy the sensation of smoking without impairing their health. 

The electronic cigarette has evolved to such a degree that users are able to satisfy both their physical and mental cravings whilst holding an item that so closely resembles a conventional cigarette. 

Resisting the urge to reach for your lighter at the end of a stressful day is by no means an easy one, which is why it is so important to make the switch to an e cigarette as easy as possible. Available in a variety of strengths, it is useful to know that you can tailor your e cigarette to your own personal tastes. With so many e liquid flavours on the market you can also customise them to your taste buds too!

So what are Electronic Cigarettes?

An e cigarette is an electronic device designed to simulate the smoking of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Regular cigarettes contain an estimated 4000 harmful chemicals and toxins, not least of which, tobacco, is responsible for serious health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Free from tobacco, an electronic cigarette is not only a safer alternative for your long term health but are sure to have a major impact on your daily health and energy levels too.

If you switch to an e cigarette expect to wake up free from the stench of stale smoke, and without that lingering taste in your mouth too. You may also notice a change in your appearance, particularly in your skin and hair which will seem brighter and healthier.

What’s also great about using an e cigarette is that they are exempt from the UK smoking ban. This leaves you free to enjoy one whenever you feel like, whether you’re out shopping, in a restaurant or even at the pub, and it sure beats having to stand outside in the rain and cold to have a cigarette.

As well as saving your life, an electronic cigarette could also save you money too. Those who have already made the switch have detailed significant savings over the course of a year, cash which you will no doubt find a better use for!

e-liquid products

Customer service is our main priority and we’re dedicated to offering you some of the highest quality liquid in the UK at extremely competitive prices online.