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EBO Consult – Customized Services to District Heating Companies

EBO Consult offers customised services regarding 1) finances, 2) administration, 3) expansion, 4) operation, 5) juridical advice, and 6) customer services to district heating companies

District Heating Services

EBO Consult is the one and only in Denmark that offers a total service package or single services to district heating (DH) companies. Today, several DH companies in Denmark have chosen EBO Consult as their service provider. These companies have chosen one customized service or a package of customized services.

Examples of services in:

  • Finances – we do budget planning and follow-up, invoices of heat and annual consumption reports, VAT-calculation and so on.
  • Administration – we do secretarial work for the DH board including preparation of agendas and minutes, cost-benefit analysis of DH projects, management of end-users and so on.
  • Expansion – we do complete execution and supervision from the beginning to the end of the project, marketing initiatives to the end-users that increases the conversion rate, preparation of detailed contracts with the contractor.
  • Operation – we do executive management and supervision of the DH delivery, 24/7 surveillance of the DH grid, readings and control of meters, maintenance and check of wells and valves and so on.
  • Juridical Advices – we do review of statutes, review delivery and supply agreements and other agreements, making sure that the DH company is juridical updated regarding economy, administration, IT-systems, technology and so on.
  • Customer services – we do telephone and e-mail conversations with end-users, establishment and maintenance of websites, marketing initiatives such as writing articles for the DH company to the local newspaper and so on.

DH Companies and EBO Consult

When the DH company have chosen which services, they want EBO Consult to perform and a price has been settled, the collaboration begins. In the collaboration, it is the DH company that is the decision-maker while EBO Consult is the DH expert that functions as the advisor and operator of the decisions.

EBO Consult’s primary focus is to support and promote the DH company. It follows that all services provided by EBO Consult are performed in the name of the DH company.

The Values of EBO Consult

Our priority is to deliver excellent customer service by providing competitive, effective, secure, and cheap DH in a sustainable way. The values that we work with each day are:

Sustainability – we love green energy.

Respect and trust – we have close customer relations.

Independence – we work with no special interests.

Transparency – we put all cards on the table.

Evident performance – we work for efficient and cheap DH.


If you are interested to know more about EBO Consult, do not hesitate to contact us.

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