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EMBRC-ERIC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre)

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is a European ‘research infrastructure‘ that provides researchers and companies with access to marine organisms and the facilities to study them, including experimental facilities and technological platforms

We enable researchers to better understand our impact on the oceans and ensure the sustainable use of marine resources.

What is EMBRC?

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is Europe’s ‘research infrastructure’ for marine biological resources. We provide access to marine resources, as well as cutting-edge services and facilities that allow researchers, from both academia and industry, to study the ocean and develop innovative solutions to tackle societal issues.

What is a research infrastructure?

EMBRC is a distributed ‘research infrastructure’ or RI. The European Commission defines RIs as ‘facilities that provide resources and services for research communities to conduct research and foster innovation’ (learn more).

Distributed RIs, like EMBRC, have their facilities spread over multiple locations, rather than a single site.  A central coordinating office brings together and coordinates the activities of national partners across Europe. In our case, the central coordinating office is in Paris and our national partners are networks of one or more marine stations.

RIs are selected by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) (an instrument created by the Commission to guide the use of RIs) based on their ‘pan-European interest’ and ability to meet the strategic research needs of European research communities.


In addition to providing various services, EMBRC contributes to European and international projects. Diverse in scope and country involvement, these projects aim to enhance EMBRC activities and/or services, strengthen collaboration with similar European organisations (‘research infrastructures‘), structure the research community, and provide services to support research.

These projects provide an opportunity to develop joint services, tools and activities, as well as to enhance knowledge-sharing in view of optimising research in Europe and beyond.

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