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We are EMS – The inventor of the Originals

Our mission is happy and healthy patients, satisfied clinicians, enthusiastic prophylaxis teams and successful practices

EMS stands for Electro Medical Systems, the market leader in oral prevention, inventor of the original technologies PIEZON® NO PAIN as well as AIRFLOW® (AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master) and with its Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) pioneer of modern biofilm management. With unique ideas, passion and know-how, Bernd Bühner and Pierre Mabille founded their company in the Swiss Vallée de Joux in 1981. Since then, EMS has developed into one of the world’s most successful dental companies with a focus on innovation, precision, ergonomics, design and quality for the benefit of patients and clinicians for better oral prophylaxis and good oral health.
Focusing on patient and clinician comfort, EMS introduced in 2020 the new and more gentle AIRFLOW® MAX handpiece with the patented Laminar Technology as well as erythritol-based PLUS Powder for substantial reduction of aerosols and powder consumption.

According to the results of a study the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master (AFPM) from EMS uses up to four times less powder than other devices with the by far most constant powder flow and longest operating time. The study defines AIR-FLOWING® for the first time as a revolutionary clinical concept that is clearly different from conventional air-polishing. AIR-FLOWING® stands for the perfect synergy of AFPM, AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder and AIRFLOW® MAX. AIR-FLOWING® is not to be confused with traditional air-polishing!

The evidence based GBT protocol is a true game changer for the gentle and complete removal of oral biofilm. In eight modular steps, patients are diagnosed as well as motivated with the aid of systematic disclosure, and the biofilm gets entirely removed both supra- and subgingivally. The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) ensures that the GBT protocol is implemented at a high standard of quality. GBT certified practices stand for success, quality and for the satisfaction of their patients and prophylaxis teams.

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