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Engeneum Limited – Digital Transformation isn’t new!

Over 30 years providing innovation in digital transformation, it’s had many names but always the same goal to improve and streamline business operations

Engeneum have been transforming business for over 30 years and have solutions to capture, convert, store, share and manage your physical and digital data, all with ISO27001 assurance.

Improving efficiency and lowering costs is what Engeneum do best, and we have transformed hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Typically cost savings are between 50% to 60% in areas such as:

  • Online payslips & HR portal
    • with 24/7 self-service access for employees and pensioners
  • Supplier invoice processing
    • automating the data capture and validation processes
  • Respond to clients 95% faster
    • classifying /routing inbound email & post to the right department
  • Secure remote access to business information,
    • ideal for homeworkers and ‘hot deskers’

Another area of cost saving is ongoing document storage; Engeneum have significantly reduced or in some instances completely removed expensive storage and retrieval charges.

Our significant industry experience and knowledge provides us the power to be able to understand and work with many of the industries legacy systems.  Our specialists have many years of expertise and have been able deliver flexible tailored solutions where other providers have failed.

Please get in touch and ‘Learn More’ about how we can help you transform your business.

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