Ensuring funding stability following Horizon Europe delays

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The UK Government has put safeguards in place to protect its researcher’s from the potential removal from Horizon Europe funding programme

The government has set out a new package of transitional measures to ensure the stability and continuity of funding to come into force following the potential event of UK researchers being excluded from Horizon Europe

As of 2020 the UK government agreed to associate with Horizon, Copernicus, Euratom Research & Training, and Fusion for Energy as part of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement.

It remains the UK’s position that the association would benefit all parties, enabling countries across Europe to work together on shared challenges – however, it appears failsafe are being put into place.

How is the UK protecting the research and innovation sector

However, in light of the EU’s continued delays, the UK has made clear that should association not be completed, our priority is to protect and support the research and innovation (R&I) sector, with the funding allocated for association being re-directed to new R&D programmes, including those designed to support international partnerships.

The UK’s new transitional measures will attempt to ensure there is no funding gap for the R&D sector and will provide immediate funding opportunities for researchers, institutions and businesses while longer-term measures are established.

The transitional measures include:

  • The UK Guarantee scheme already in operation
  • Funding for successful, in-flight UK-based applicants to Horizon
  • Uplifts to existing UK talent schemes
  • Uplifts to innovation funding and support for businesses, in particular, SMEs
  • Uplifts to international innovation schemes to support international business collaborations
  • Funding for research institutions most affected by the loss of Horizon Europe’s talent funding
  • Continued Third Country Participation in Horizon Europe

According to the UK Government, these new measures will be delivered by trusted and experienced UK bodies, using existing and well-established UK funding and support mechanisms, and will be ready to launch if the UK is unable to associate with Horizon Europe.


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