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EP3 Foundation – cutting edge privacy networks

EP3 Foundation is the trusted, neutral nonprofit using the privacy network technology to solve your identity, consent, and confidentiality requirements

At a time of increasing need for privacy network communication in the digital age, EP3 Foundation solve many of the issues faced today.


Improve health, education, and wellness by empowering people with privacy and personalisation.

How do we do it?

We unlock data silos by using proven, cutting-edge technology, allowing you access to data needed while protecting sensitive, personal information and confidentiality.

What is involved?

  • Sharing data and communicate with each other when allowed
  • Linking personal data from different sources at a granular level
  • Verifying identity using various attributes from multiple networks
  • Automatically ensure policy compliance at the attribute level
  • Obfuscating information beyond encryption to maintain secure yet computable for research public health and improve health outcomes

Our open, vendor-neutral networks support any participants trust criteria. We allow access to only the data you agree to share for research, clinical trials, and identity authorisation.

Our privacy networks share data at the smallest possible unit across many networks. This technology allows these small, obfuscated bits of information to be shared via multiple networks based on relevant laws, policies, and consent.

We collaborate with stakeholders and trust authorities to set the rules and governance, enabling privacy networks and Unified Trust Models.

Privacy network services form EP3 Foundation

The Trusted Network Accreditation Program (TNAP)

The Trusted Network Accreditation Program (TNAP) aligns with the 21st Century Cures Act, and addresses the ONC’s requirements to provide third-party accreditation for healthcare stakeholders, including  HINs, HIES, ACOS, Data Registers, Lab, Providers, Payers, Vendors, and Suppliers. 

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“The Trusted Network Accreditation Program enables new data paradigms, accredited by organisations already known and trusted, to solve and resolve the traditional roadblocks to interoperability and consumer empowerment while, at the same time, addressing the brand new regulatory requirements like GDPR. We applaud and welcome all organisations entrusted with protecting information to participate.”

Marsali Hancock – CEO & President, EP3 Foundation