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EP3 Foundation – cutting edge privacy networks

EP3 Foundation is the trusted, neutral nonprofit using the privacy network technology to solve your identity, consent, and confidentiality requirements

The EP3 Foundation works with governments, industry leaders, researchers and organizations to create frameworks where information is fluid and secure. As the internet is intertwined with our lives, we need new approaches and philosophies that protect us. The EP3 Foundation is at the forefront, creating new, open standards that make information both private yet still valuable.

Every action we take online is recorded and connected to us. In the past, we didn’t consider the impact this had on our lives, but as our world became increasingly digital and cybercrime became more common, we awakened to the need for cyber safety, security, and privacy. As said in “Online Harms White Paper”, “In the wrong hands, the internet can be used to spread terrorist and other illegal or harmful content, undermine civil discourse, and abuse or bully other people.”

We are all at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals, and children, in particular, are easy targets. Cyberbullying, exploitation, and radicalization are common risks that children face, especially when every event and digital interaction is recorded and stored by unknown entities. Cybercrime continues to grow exponentially, and vulnerable populations are at the greatest risk for exploitation. However, we can decrease the risk.

We can take action to protect ourselves and our children. We at the EP3 Foundation know how to incorporate technology to be part of the solution, creating new standards and data models that enable the fluid movement of information responsibly and safely. Our trust frameworks empower data controls, ensuring all data is used responsibly and securely to maximize the potential of the internet.


“The Trusted Network Accreditation Program enables new data paradigms, accredited by organisations already known and trusted, to solve and resolve the traditional roadblocks to interoperability and consumer empowerment while, at the same time, addressing the brand new regulatory requirements like GDPR. We applaud and welcome all organisations entrusted with protecting information to participate.” 

Marsali Hancock – CEO & President, EP3 Foundation


EP3 frameworks provide data protection, accountability, and transparency, taking a proactive stance to address cyber safety to protect our children and, by extension, everyone online. Implementing new data models and philosophies are the next steps in keeping our children and our data safe. To participate in making our online world safer for the next generation, go to www.ep3foundation.org to find out more information.

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Empowering people with privacy and data personalisation

Marsali Hancock from EP3 Foundation underlines that we don’t have to turn a blind eye concerning cybercrime, illegal content and harmful internet activities and that we can empower people through privacy and data personalisation.