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Ethnopharm Group – Healthcare and nutraceutical business services

Ethnopharm is a key resource for cannabis products and services in the healthcare and Nutraceutical sectors, offering a wide range of services

Ethnopharm is a cannabis services business formed by group of experienced cannabis industry professionals all with more than a decade of physical cannabis operations and business management experience, who have been working with Licensed Producers and Distributors of medical cannabis around the world for the last four years, as well as liaising with EU government ministers to guide their understanding of cannabis products and their integration into existing legislative frameworks.

Having worked with multiple clients to navigate the difficulties in licensing, production and international export and import of both medical and retail sector products, we have developed a range of digital platforms to digitise and centralise our services, and enable scalability for operators to assist them in their daily business operations including sales, marketing, inventory, human resources and compliance.

With a suite of services that include a trading platform for certified products, a product registration and certification application, and a physician education and product information resource, Ethnopharm is positioned as a key player in building the future cannabis market, helping authorities to understand market development and product traceability, and market operators to understand and achieve compliant product specifications and distribution processes.


Ethnopharm - Ethnocert ComplianceEthnoTrade is our cornerstone product and is the foundation of our business. This trading platform carriers only verified licensed producers and buyers and is a digital home for the brokering trade we are establishing through the network we have developed.


Ethnotrade CommerceEthnoCert is our compliance application, which will assist producers and brands in achieving business licensing and certification, as well as registering their plant genetics and retail products with the relevant organisations.


CareEthnoCare is our physician resource, housing certified medical education courses that physicians can access digitally, as well as a database of cannabis studies and country specific available product information.

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