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EuroAcademy – higher education in Estonia

EuroAcademy is a private institution of professional higher education founded in 1997 by NGO Eesti Euroinfo Ühing.

EuroAcademy provides both professional higher education and Master’s studies. Instruction is conducted in the following five faculties: the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Translation, the Faculty of Business Management, the Faculty of Environmental Protection and the Faculty of Design. EuroAcademy is the only Estonian private higher educational institution providing education in various areas. Another peculiarity includes the fact that all specialities are mutually connected. Instruction in all curricula is available in three languages: Estonian, Russian or English (except the curriculum of Translator). The number of specialities offered in Russian is the largest in Estonia.

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Academic competence and international dimension

EuroAcademy is a well-known private university recognised both in Estonia and abroad providing students with high-quality, practical and interdisciplinary higher education on three academic levels. We develop international cooperation with foreign partner universities in the sphere of higher education and research. Our lecturers are welcomed guests at foreign universities and, similarly, we are an attractive destination for visiting lecturers.

Networking and cooperation

The students and lecturers of EuroAcademy conduct studies and research on international level, speak at international conferences and publish the results of their studies in internationally renowned journals. Similarly, EuroAcademy are a member of international research networks with the students and lecturers participating in various cooperation projects of their field.

Academic integration and innovation

On the basis of both academic and applied research, EuroAcademy has built competence centres in the faculties of Environmental Protection, Translation and International Relations and it is in the given fields that the academy has become a renowned leader of innovation. In combination with the integrated minor specialities, the curricula form a comprehensive and coherent knowledge base. EuroAcademy has firmly retained its place among the top twenty European small universities (EBA the Best Universities Ranking 2014 – Best Regional Universities, Europe; Western, Eastern and Central).


The mission is to provide top-quality higher education and develop contemporary knowledge in order to provide our students with competitive education and preparation for working either in Estonia or elsewhere.

Social cohesion

The mission of providing a wide selection of opportunities for finding an appropriate speciality and acquiring a comprehensive education and preparation for the future is an important role in professional higher education is played by the apprenticeship period preparing the students for the labour market requirements. We value highly the feedback provided by both employers and apprenticeship supervisors and employ the information in the development of the curricula. Similarly, we provide training courses supporting the concept of lifelong learning.

Knowledge-based society

The mission is to contribute to the society by providing high-quality education and promoting research and culture. The mission of our competence centres is to be the originators and implementers of innovation in their particular area. The aim of the integrated minor specialities of EuroAcademy is to create new opportunities for sustainable development in the future economy.

Sensitivity to society (in terms of educational policy)

It is the mission to base its curriculum development on the needs and tendencies of the society and the labour market and thus contribute to the achievement of the goals of Europe 2020 and the respective programmes. The academy values highly the higher education quality assessment and guarantees the quality assurance of the education provided by its curricula.

Core values

The core values forming the basis of the activities and communication of EuroAcademy:

  • Student-centred approach, flexibility and tolerance – The academy values highly its students and thus commits to the development of a solid academic community and friendly environment. EuroAcademy is thus also open to students of various cultural backgrounds.
  • Academic freedom, creativity and autonomy – although building its activities on knowledge, the academy also supports academic freedom and creativity. As a private higher education institution Euroacademy is independent in its development priorities.
  • Knowledge-based approach – the instruction is knowledge-based.
  • Contribution to society – EuroAcademy is committed to contributing to the society by providing high-quality higher education and research while promoting cultural traditions and also creating new ones for both the academy and society at large.
  • Ethics – EuroAcademy strongly condemns plagiarism and relies in its activities on its code of ethics.


  • To establish minor specialities integrating the syllabi of the curricula.
  • To continue the regular publication and international dissemination of the academic journal of the academy, The Baltic Horizons.
  • To establish alumni societies at each faculty and the tradition of regular meetings in order to find new apprenticeship and job opportunities as well as other forms of cooperation supporting the goals and activities of EuroAcademy.
  • To revive student competitions, for instance photography, translation, essay competitions etc.
  • To enhance international cooperation with Nordic and Russian universities.
  • To establish MA curricula in all specialities.
  • To devise and implement at least two doctoral curricula. The prerequisites for it include positively evaluated research work, effective international cooperation and the regular publication of the academic journal of the academy, The Baltic Horizons.
  • To re-establish the status of a university and the name Euroülikool (EuroUniversity).
  • To maintain the position of EuroAcademy among the top twenty small European universities.

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Euroacademy – Profesional Higher Education

Juri Martin from EuroAcademy offers his expert thoughts on environmental approaches to regional security and the broader themes of higher education provision in Estonia.