European Commission to launch quantum technologies project

The European Commission has revealed plans to launch a €1bn project aimed at developing quantum technologies

A new initiative will launch in 2018 aimed at improving and developing quantum technologies. The billion euro project will focus on areas such as secure communication networks to ultra-precise gravity sensors and clocks.

It is expected funding will come from a mixture of sources, including the European Commission. The project will follow two existing European flagship programmes: the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project.

Tommaso Calarco, who leads the Integrated Quantum Science and Technology Centre at the Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart in Germany, co-authored the blueprint behind the initiative, which was published in March.

The project will focus on technologies deemed to be part of a “second quantum revolution” and will support relatively near-to-market systems such as quantum communications networks, ultra-sensitive cameras, and quantum simulators.

The project is included within plans to launch a cloud computing portal called the European Open Science Cloud.

Further details of the initiative are expected to be announced at the Quantum Europe Conference in Amsterdam on 17-18 May. The manifesto will be officially launched here.


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