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Evolve Ltd – improving the impact of science and technology

Evolve Ltd is a thought leader and influencer within the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market to help shape our future

At Evolve Ltd, we carefully design, construct, source and install fully-equipped scientific workspaces. We place particular importance on working with you and understanding your specific needs, applying our multi-industry experience to design customised solutions. You can have complete confidence in us to make extra efforts to train your team as well as remain your partners for the maintenance, repair and management of your facilities.

Evolve Ltd understand your needs

At Evolve Ltd we know that ensuring you have the right solutions and a properly equipped environment is no trivial matter. Finding the right partners with the required experience and expertise, who will take this responsibility as seriously as you do, is critical.

Our promise

With Evolve you can get on with leading your operation, confident in the knowledge that there are people who understand and believe in the importance of your industry and the detail of your work.

Our Vision

At Evolve our vision is to become a recognised, award-winning, world-class thought leader and influencer on the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market.

Our Values


No matter the challenge we choose to focus on what works and grow that.


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Exceeding Expectations

We believe only a wowed customer is one worth having.


We believe that respect should be earned by consistently delivering on established grounds.


Whatever it takes to deliver.

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