Fairford Medical

Fairford Medical provide Managed Equipment Services for medical imaging diagnostic services with premium Medical Imaging Solutions

Fairford Medical is a family owned and operated private business founded in 2016. We offer our customers Managed Equipment Services for medical imaging diagnostic services – providing our customers with premium Medical Imaging Solutions, not just products. We operate a fleet consisting of high-spec MRI and CT systems housed in Relocatable and Mobile environments. We also offer support units such as reception units and provide proprietary modular CT Scanbox systems together with top level project management and customer support services.

Fairford Medical are Specialists in both new or refurbished Mobile and Static MRI and CT Medical Diagnostic Imaging Scanners for:

  • Interim and Short Term Rental of Mobile and Relocatable MRI and CT Systems
  • Long Term Imaging Solution Leasing
  • Purchasing, removal and replacement of existing MRI and CT Systems from Medical Imaging Departments
  • Building of Mobile and Relocatable Units for MRI, CT and other Modalities.

Our Values

Fairford Medical’s mission is to provide the most cost effective and suitable Tier 1 Medical Imaging technology for the benefit of private and NHS Medical Imaging departments, veterinarians and research scientists. Fairford Medical provides new and refurbished mobile or static MRI and CT scanners at the highest industry standards on short term rental, longer term lease or for sale.

Fairford Medical is guided by five core values:

  • Integrity: We chose the right path, not the easy path and promote a “just culture” and transparent environment to ensure patient safety and customers being able to offer fast, cost effective, first class service to their patients.
  • Sincerity: We are committed to openness and sincerity in our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees, patients and the public. Combined with our expertise and our close cooperation with first class, niche contractors, we aim to provide innovative solutions tailored to each customer’s needs and find creative and new approaches to minimising the everyday risks and challenges faced by our customers.
  • Reliability: We believe that we have a duty to act responsively, reliably and ethically and to be fully accountable for our all of our actions.
  • Commitment: We are passionate about helping and serving our customers so that they can offer the most cost-effective and fastest Medical Imaging service to their patients, whether private or NHS.
  • Competence: We work with our partners, our contractors and our customers as one team to deliver the very best service tailor-made for each customer’s needs.

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