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FCS Protect (FCS) – Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Based in West Yorkshire FCS build, deploy and manage data protection solutions from across the UK

FCS are dedicated to providing the very best solution with a focus on Quality of Service, Technical Expertise and Support ensuring your focus can be elsewheresafe in the knowledge your data is protected.

Started in 2014 FCS has come a long way in a short time. When FCS first started out “Always On” technology was only really available to big Enterprise companies. Data Protection technologies have continued to move forwards as business requirements around Data Governance and Data Availability grow and become more complex. Today FCS can offer technologies that provide peace of mind, are cost effective and with a level of service our UK customer base have grown to love. We attract and maintain new relationships by ensuring that customers see the value of our service and understand how it is benefitting their business.

Cloud, On Premise, PaaS or SaaS

Regardless of the size of your data or where your data resides FCS provide tailored solution against your requirements to ensure that your data is protected, secure and restorable if and when the need arises.

Modern solutions don’t just offer Backup & Recovery, they enable customers to achieve unparalleled data availability, mobility, visibility, automation and governance across data centres, at the edge and in the cloud. Customers today want more from their platforms and with Cloud Data Management capabilities, they can surpass legacy approaches to data protection by providing the next steps beyond backup.

  • Backup and Recovery: Simple to use and reliable software-defined solution with application awareness.
  • Cloud Mobility: Protect, restore and migrate workloads across any cloud or platform, including intuitive guidance on how to best store and archive data using scale cloud storage options.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Monitor, diagnose and remediate unexpected issues for your critical backup and DR processes using AI-driven monitoring and diagnostics. Pivot from reactive to proactive management for better business decisions.
  • Automation: Leverage your well-managed data to unlock greater business value. Test and orchestrate your BCDR operations, ensuring you can recover from any event. Integrate migration and DevOps capabilities, enabling data re-use to accelerate development and deployment of apps across any platform.
  • Governance and Compliance: Ensure your application security, compliance and privacy requirements before deployment without an impact on the production system or increased cost.

GCloud 11 Supplier

FCS offers several backup solutions through the Digital Marketplace, providing a faster and cheaper way to purchase services when compared to entering into individual procurement contracts.

Find out more about what FCS can do for your business and what our customers think of our services by visiting our website www.fcs-protect.co.uk or contact us.

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