Only 58% of people 18-25 have first dose of COVID vaccine

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In the UK, 58% of people aged 18-25 have their first dose of COVID vaccine, while 92% of white people over the age of 50 have both doses

The COVID vaccine rollout continues across the UK, with one of the highest uptakes in the world.

But while young people are thought to be relatively safe from severe COVID, only 58% of those aged 18-25 have their first dose, according to new PHE data. 

There are also large disparities in vaccine up-take by ethnicity.

The PHE data found that as of 22 July, white people were the most likely to be vaccinated. Currently, 92% of white people over 50 are double-jabbed. Then, Indian-British people are 86% double-jabbed. The lowest vaccination rate is in the Black Caribbean and African community, with just 63% of those over 50 double-jabbed.

Currently, 92% of white people over 50 are double-jabbed.

Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe, explains that there are “genuine concerns” behind vaccine hesitancy in the Black community. In her perspective, GPs can bridge a gap of misinformation by responding to their patients’ concerns without judgement. She commented: “Some of these stem from individual and group experiences of healthcare and others relate to inclusion and access to credible information.”

The ongoing REACT study by Imperial College London found that vaccines were less likely to be taken by men, Black people from deprived areas, and retail and hospitality workers.

Reflecting on this finding, Professor Helen Ward, Professor of Public Health at Imperial, commented: “Results of this very large study show the substantial impact of the vaccination programme on antibody positivity in adults. However, it’s concerning that coverage of vaccines is uneven with people in some groups and areas less likely to have been vaccinated and therefore may remain relatively unprotected from future spread.

“We need to continue and intensify efforts to reach these groups with vaccination, and to ensure other protective measures are in place.”

We need to continue and intensify efforts to reach these groups with vaccination

SAGE models further found that minority ethnic and socio-economically deprived communities would be the hardest hit by relaxation of social distancing measures, as the UK heads towards a pre-pandemic way of living.


  1. I don’t blame the youngsters for not wanting these experimental vaccines. I am middle-aged and still suffering side effects six weeks later. I wish I’d never had the jabs as they have restricted my previously active life considerably.


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