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Glooko transforms digital health in diabetes management

Our vision at Glooko is to be the foundation for decision making in diabetes management and care.

At Glooko, we want to improve quality of life for people with diabetes and those who care for them. We do this by simplifying collaboration, making it easy to share diabetes data and personalised insights.

Experience the benefit of all diabetes data in one place

Glooko diabetes managementOur software platforms, Glooko® and diasend®, empower diabetes management by collecting and unlocking the power of data from blood-glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, pens and activity trackers – bringing insights together in one place.

Upload and share data remotely or in-clinic

Data from diabetes devices and activity trackers are easily uploaded, either remotely via app or in-clinic. Data are securely shared and visualised in actionable charts and graphs. It is easy to see how insulin, food intake and activity affect blood sugar levels, which creates a solid foundation for collaboration, confident treatment decisions and selfcare.

Choose devices based on your needs

Our platforms are compatible with the vast majority of diabetes devices available, giving people with diabetes and their care teams the freedom of choice.

We provide a safe and trusted solution

Our platforms are FDA 510(k) cleared (Glooko®, diasend®), CE-marked (diasend®), CFR 21, Part 11 compliant (Glooko Clinical Research) and maintained under a well established QMS system. Glooko as a company is ISO 13485 certified.

2.8 million users so far have benefited from diabetes data insights using our solutions, which are trusted by world leaders in diabetes care, and used in 26 countries across 15 languages.

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